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    FS: 2012 VW Jetta SportWagen TDI DSG White/Black 13500 obo Northern Virginia 80500 miles

    Long time member here.... 2nd Owner, purchased as certified pre-owned post buyback in Jan 2019 with 61000 miles. Just before I purchased the car, it had new tires, f/r brake rotors/pads, battery, and all fluids changed along with the diesel “fix” in order to re-market the car. DSG Oil/filter...
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    Any old-timers left? (I joined in 1999.)

    TDIMeister! Last saw you in 2001 (maybe) at Hondo's garage with GeWilli! been a long ass time!
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    FS: OZ F1 Racing Cups 2 Piece Wheels, 18x8, 18x9

    Here is the enthusiasts dream. I am selling my beloved set of wheels at last. I have had these for 3 years now. These wheels have been babied, but Driven on for sure. All wheels at this time are PERFECTLY Straight. They run out on a Hunster GSP9700 perfectly, no wobble, no bends. The...
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    FS: Upsolute 3 Pot Tuning Box with 10ft Extension

    I have for sale an Upsolute 3 Pot Tuning Box with a 10ft extension cable to adjust the box from inside the cabin. This box makes a large difference in the acceleration and torque of the TDI Motor. This is compatible with all MKIV 1J Golfs / Jettas with a TDI Engine. I beleive 99.5 - 2003...
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    Help...Electrical Problem, Lights, Fan, AC,

    check terminal 78X on the lower left of the relay panel. It is a screw terminal that feeds power to those circuits. Check ground connections as well on the steering column and at the right footwell on pass side. The problem lies in one of these two places, as they are the only common wires in...
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    17x9" Rims *DELETED*

    17x9\" Rims 18x9 and 18x8's...235/40ZR18 Pirelli Pzero Rossos Coilovers, VW motorsport bushings and a set of sways... this thing handles like a shifter cart.. here are a few pics..
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    Will the bigger VNT15-49 and manifold bolt on?

    I have had this turbo on my car, as it cam eon my new engine, for 20,000 miles now. I can't say I notice a huge difference over the 46mm one. It bolts right on, and the vaccuum lines are the same. The only difference in the setup is the actual turbo cartridge that bolts laterally to the...
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    Help with Part Identification

    My MY 2000 Golf has these on the rear suspension. It keeps road hazards from hitting into the lower rear shock mount and coil spring perch. There are several parts I have found throughout the MK4 that CANNOT be ordered from dealers, this appears to be one of them.
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    Another N75 Question

    I have a brand new one for sale. Email me at Guaranteed to be cheaper than the 90$ they cost new from the dealer.
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    Serpentine belt tensioner tool or a 16mm box end?

    just extra leverage.... I use the box wrench too, all 14 times I've had that belt off. The tensioners on these motors are not very strong compared to my friends supercharged durango... that thing needs a serp belt wrench, tdi's make it optional...
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    ignition immobilizer

    You know what is crazy.... My car recently exhibited the same symptoms. It progressively got to the point it would not start at all. It sat in my garage for a month. I changed the ECU out as the instrument cluster kept throwing a code saying no ecu communication. If the ecu and the...
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    EVERYBODY, need advice, Strangest TDI Problem yet

    Problem is resolved.. Well the car has been in the garage since the last post. Sitting on 4 jackstands, 3 feet in the air. After purchasing a third ECU, and borrowing a fellow TDI'ers 2000 Flash Red 4 Door Golf for testing purposes, I have finally gotten to the root of the problem. Throughout...
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    More insight needed....Please..

    what happened to all the smart TDI people? to the top someone has to have SOME ideas...
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    More insight needed....Please..

    Ok well as some of you know (per my last thread) I'm having major problems with my tdi again... As an update.. I pulled the 110 wiring out and put my 90hp harness back on the engine. I changed out the shutoff solenoid on the fuel pump with the one from my old engine. The car still starts for...
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    EVERYBODY, need advice, Strangest TDI Problem yet

    Why thanks geoff I would not even think of getting any warrenty. I've always stepped up to the plate. This damn car has costed me more than a new bimmer would, I swear....
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    EVERYBODY, need advice, Strangest TDI Problem yet

    no one else is ever going to play with my car but me, until I sell it. I have been to 5 VW dealers with this car in its prior life, and have never found anyone knowledgeable or competant. I have tried a spare ecu, and I have no noise through my stereo. I am changing the engine harness out...
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    EVERYBODY, need advice, Strangest TDI Problem yet

    maybe it is didn't check that.... The wiring is fine. I'm suspecting a ground on the Kline is intermittant, hence the no talky to ecu Its not the ECU itself. I'll keep you guys posted... Thanks
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    EVERYBODY, need advice, Strangest TDI Problem yet

    I did the vaccuum testing today actually, as I suspect my N75 to be going south. If its not one thing, its another. I'll check ground points...good call. Why, though, am I not able to talk to the ECM? It would seem that if the car were running well, the ECM is working, yet I cannot...
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    EVERYBODY, need advice, Strangest TDI Problem yet

    Oh yeah, when I scanned the ECU today, and it talked, I also got a Transmission control module inoperative code. It was in the Instrument cluster, but the Instrument cluster is not coded for an automatic. ....