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    Golf mk4/Passat b5.5 CCM (body comfort) module wiring on bench and connecting to VCDS or VDS PRO

    I wrote a program that can read/write the CCM using a generic KKL cable or older versions of VCDS cables: You just need a laptop that runs Windows 10 and an appropriate cable.
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    TDIclub Secret Society of BMW Owners (SSBMWO)
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    Additional CCM coding and configurations with VDS Pro

    I have a 2001 Jetta Wagon (former VR6, now ALH) and have not been able to find the auto-window values anywhere, I think because ALH wagons were not available in the US until 2002 and those all got the 1C0 CCM but mine is a 1J0. Today I got it working by "interpolating" the 1J0 Golf and 1C0 wagon...
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    Free VDS-Pro / VagTacho Alternative

    Thanks! I already have about 45 clusters myself :eek: and am trying to downsize but I might be interested in a couple for testing if they're not ones that I already have. When you get a chance could you PM me the part numbers of the ones you have?
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    Free VDS-Pro / VagTacho Alternative

    No idea if the VAGTacho cable will work but it's worth a shot. It will only work if it shows up in Device Manager as a COM port (e.g COM4). The VAG-COM serial port cable should work if you have a computer with a serial port or buy something like this...
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    99.5 Golf Receiver Drier Bolts

    So I'm almost done replacing the compressor, condenser and receiver drier on my 99.5 Golf. I was reading this how-to on Vortex ( ) and it said "Note: The top and bottom bolts are different sizes, so make SURE you label them properly!"...
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    Free VDS-Pro / VagTacho Alternative

    So I've been a happy VCDS user since buying my Golf in 2003 (it had 65000 miles on it so it conveniently needed an immediate timing belt replacement, hence needing VCDS - though it was named VAG-COM way back then). However there are things that VCDS doesn't do, such as pulling the SKC from an...
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    99.5 AC Compressor Compatibility

    So my Golf is in need of a new AC compressor. It looks like the 99.5 and early 00's require part number 1J0820805 and later ALHs use 1J0820803N. I can get the later model for quite a bit less than the earlier model. Has anyone installed the later model in a 99.5? Is it just the clutch electrical...
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    Reverse Engineering MKIV Radios

    Stumbled upon this today: This guy has figured out how to extract a ROM dump from various MKIV radios and reverse engineer some of the code. He's written a tool that can extract the SAFE code from Premium 4 (Clarion), Premium 5 (Delco), Gamma 5 (TechniSat)...
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    Wtb: 99.5 ecu (038906018eb)

    Anyone have one? Kicking myself now for selling my spare. :mad:
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    Adjustment after Rear Caliper Replacement

    The parking brake mechanism in one of my rear calipers has frozen up again. I freed and lubed it a few months ago which got me through the rest of the winter but now I'm ready to replace the caliper. (Before you ask, I've already replaced the cables so it's not them) After I install the new...
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    42 MPG At 75 MPH: The G20 330i Is Remarkably Efficient

    I own 2 TDIs and 0 BMWs but I am a BMW CCA member because I like to read The Hack Mechanic column. I was reading their online newsletter and happened to see this: which links to this review...
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    FS: Misc MKIV/ALH parts (Watertown, MA)

    ALH Intake Manifold Not cleaned but has only light deposits of crud: $80 shipped to the lower 48. ALH Intake Manifold Cleaned but took a bath in Purple Power for too long and is now covered inside and out with white residue...
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    (2) VW Golf TDis, 2001 + 2003 - $1000 (Wellfleet, MA)

    Saw this on while surfing craigslist:
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    FS: 2004 Jetta Wagon TDI Manual

    Saw this on Vortex today:
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    FS: 2006-2012 Golf/GTI/Rabbit Cargo Mat - Watertown, MA

    Sold! Lightly used VW CarGo (aka Gorilla Gear) mat with 4 Velcro cargo blocks. Part number: 1K0 061 166 H 469 Fits: 2010-2012 Golf, 2006-2009 Rabbit, 2008 R32, 2006-2012 GTI This is great for keeping cargo from sliding around in the hatch. The Velcro blocks stick to the mat pretty securely and...
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    FS: MKIV snow tires / wheels - Watertown, MA

    Sold! Anybody need a cheap set of snow tires? They're old but lived more than half their life indoors so they're not all cracked like older tires sometimes get.
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    FS: Bluetooth/Aux-in Frankenstein Grab Bag

    I'm selling a collection of parts comprising most of my past attempts to integrate Bluetooth and/or portable music players with the factory stereo in my MKIV Golf: Included are the following: Motorola T605 Bluetooth interface with wired remote...
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    Hex USB CAN

    In case anyone needs VCDS, I just noticed that someone on Club Touareg is selling an unlimited VIN Hex USB CAN for $200 shipped: