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    Has anyone tried these HID Headlights?

    I'll give Eurosport a thumbs up for support so far. Through a series of about six emails today they were able to meet my needs, so they are responsive. I was told the CCFLs are currently in the process of being changed by the manufacturer to a user replaceable design. Lifetime warrantys are...
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    Has anyone tried these HID Headlights?

    I bought a set of these a little over a month ago. The HIDs work great and are a tremendous improvement over stock. That said, these are for the frugally minded. While the headlamps are well sealed, much of the wiring is still exposed and requires work and focus by the installer to configure...
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    Phatnoise vs CD changer

    itunes!?! I drive a TDI and will not conform to the masses! I was referring to realplayer, walmart, and the like that package their files as eithe .rax or protected mp3/wma.
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    Phatnoise vs CD changer

    I love mine but have one major complaint: you cannot load online purchased music to it without first burning a CD and then ripping the cd into unprotected mp3 tracks. If anyone has a more convenient working solution to this, let me know. With that fixed it would be a 10 out of 10.
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    Wilmington, NC area warning

    I realize that one bad experience shouldn't be used to brand someone but there has been enough repeat performance to warrant me posting this warning. Please do not take your car to Bob King in Wilmington for service. I personally have had work reported done but not performed: 20K fuel filter...
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    Trusted TDI Mechanics - By State

    For those on the NC coast there is German Speed Merchants in Wilmington. Good volume of TB work, very familiar with VW issues, have the VW scan tool and know how to use it. They currently are racing a MkV GTI so they are VW committed and not adverse to performance and quality third party parts...
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    WTB: Phatnoise Phatbox

    Make sure you want one first. I love mine but the inability to accept purchased/downloaded music is a strain on the relationship. It only accepts unprotected mp3 and wma files regardless of whether or not you have the license for the tracks. Its a serious pia to have to burn each track to wav...
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    195 / 65 / 15 > 205 / 60 / 15 - Less MPG ?

    Went to 205/55/16 (Yoko Avid V4S) and lost 3 mpg. More contact/friction/frontal profile = less mileage. More than happy with the tradeoff though
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    Struts-replacing with?

    I was looking for the same thing, better suspension and no lowering. I went with the Bilstein TCs and stock springs. Plenty happy with that combo.
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    Strut Replacement, Metalnerd Tool

    Just remember to remove the bottom bolt, don't just loosen it. There is a keeper tab on the strut that the bolt goes through and you won't be able to lift the strut out of the suspension socket until you fully remove the bolt.
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    Help Wipers

    Go ahead and lube those pivots. It could very well get worse when cold (clearances, rigidity, etc). For a 2001 I would say its about time to do this anyway.
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    Arrested Wiper

    This has happened to a lot of folks, me included. Before you buy a new relay, go ahead and regrease the spindles. It's not that bad of a job for the reasonably mechanically inclined and takes less than an hour. Do a search on wipers and you should find a previous post on this issue. Make sure...
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    HELP!!!!! Wipers are moving very slow....

    Judging by here and on the vortex this seems to be a pretty common problem. Could we get smething on this posted to the FAQ?
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    HELP!!!!! Wipers are moving very slow....

    Definitely lube the spindles first. Buy a 3/8" or 7/16" (I forget which) e-clip retainer for the motor spindle. The existing one has to be destructively removed and was the main source of the binding on my car. Amazing the difference a little grease will make
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    Wiper Problem solved

    A few years ago I had my intermittent and slow speed wipers start to act up. Stuttering and stalling out on anything other than fast speed. It was under warranty at the time so I let the dealer fix it. They said that they had to replace the wiper relay (I didn't know yet to check the parts list...
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    Time for new tires... advice / reviews?

    Yokohama AVID V4S in 205/55/16. Excellent feel and wear rating. 10K on mine so far. Just looks right on the Jetta too
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    Big time damage

    You have 92K on the car and the TB was supposed to be replaced at 90K. I think this can be chalked up more to a lack of maintenance than the Upsolute mod. I'll take your example and make sure my TB is replaced before I reach that magic milestone. I feel your pain but we ignore the recommended...
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    New Mercedes-Benz (Pierburg) MAF - experiences

    How are you getting your MAF replaced under warranty? I would at least like them to own up to their design flaw (and I'm getting tired of resetting the implausable signal every time I use a little power).
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    New Mercedes-Benz (Pierburg) MAF - experiences

    I think the chipped cars are closer to a CEL limit. I recieved an implausable signal CEL when I first installed the Pierburg some months ago but I attributed that to the car needing to adjust to having real power back. I reset it after two days and it never came back...until last week. On our...
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    New Mercedes-Benz (Pierburg) MAF - experiences

    My CEL only came on for the first couple of days with the "implausable" DTC. Once it adapted (about 10 start cycles later) the CEL went away and is yet to be seen again. I am upsoluted with EGR turned down, but these are the only mods. Iwonder if the people with the unresettable CEL are running...