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    Engine swap/ need donor Vehicle

    I have 01 beetle tdi with a relatively new engine in it maybe 70k both the engine and the transmission were replaced about 5 years ago, so there still a lot of life of them. I don't drive the car anymore it's been in m garage for almost two years now. I wana get the car on the road needs a few...
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    New Nozzles now what?

    I've got a set of .216 nozzles in my car,The feeling and ride are amazing now and I love the way my automatic transmission shifts now. I have not tuned my car yet but it's on my Todo list. I am seeing lots of black smoke out the tail pipe since the new nozzles have been installed and a large...
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    New injectors/TB kit Brooklyn/Staten island

    So I've recently gotten my TB belt replaced W/ IDparts super kit. My mechanic did all the work for me but does not have vagcom. I've also I stalled new nozzles in my car which I need to adjust the Injecotr pump but do not have vagcom. Just wondering if anyone in my area or relatively close to me...
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    Are .216 nozzles to strong for an autobox?

    What's your trick keeping your 01m alive ?
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    Are .216 nozzles to strong for an autobox?

    Alh 135k planing on putting .216 in without a tune and stock turbo. Is this goi g to kill my tranny?
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    Help! Broke my wire sensors for injecotr #3

    What can I do now? Can I still drive my car ? My car running fine but will it be okay to drive ? So they fix these or will I have to but a new one ?
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    New compressor works for a day

    Would u happen to know where I can find the wiring diagram off hand ?
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    New compressor works for a day

    So I have an 01 vw beetle tdi, I've recently hade my ac compressor replaced and the system charged. There was no issue the car was blowing cold air I was excited especially now that this is my work veichle. A few days later I turn on ac and no cold air, so I take a look under the hood and the...
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    P0234 proublem :(

    So I have a 01 new beetle alh which just hit 130k the other day. (Hell Yea) But I have a serious proublem which has gotten worst P0234!!! My car is constantly going into limp mode and I can't even drive it. The car will do fine if driving like my grandmother does but if I accelerate to fast limp...
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    Check differential fluid 01M

    How did yours look?
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    Check differential fluid 01M

    @Davebugs Have you ever seen Diff fluid this dark before ?
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    Check differential fluid 01M

    So i changed the diff fluid in my car today, Pretty straight forward and simple job. My fluid was very black and dirty and smelled awful. the fluid was not even touching the dip stick. im thinking of going in and changing the fluid again in a few days to make sure only good clean fluid in there.
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    Check differential fluid 01M

    Is the G22 the speed sensor?
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    Check differential fluid 01M

    How can I check the differential fluid on my automatic transmission (01M)?
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    2000 silver new beetle build thread!

    how did you paint the center dash?
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    How much crap can you fit in your beetle!

    $830 in grocery shopping, All in my bug.
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    Not Betty - My 01 Jetta

    Haha my bugs name is Betty.
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    2000 silver new beetle build thread!

    Awesome bug,I've plasti diped my hood as well but didn't turn out to good ill have to re~dip it.
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    Is my turbo dying?

    Maybe an exaust leak?