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    Fans running hard and constant

    I have the same car, with 12k less miles, but mine regens 1-2x per tank, but more often than not usually just once. My car doesnt have a temperature gauge on the cluster, so if yours does, is it overheating? If its due to regen then it means the soot accumulation in your DPF is quite high and...
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    Battery / Alternator Question

    I had this very same problem. Since i thought there was a chance that my battery would be covered under a warranty since it was less than 2 yrs old, i took it to my local dealer (my CPO paperwork said they replaced the battery). Turns out batteries arent covered under the CPO warranty that i...
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    Headlight Advice

    I have Volsa H7's on my 2014 jetta and they are a bunch better than the factory vote goes to them. They can be bought from:
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    New (to me) 2014 Jetta TDI

    My vote goes to green diesel. Almost 10,000 miles later and my fuel economy on my local route has consistently stayed 6mpg higher than pretune, even though the winter. The extra added power and overall smoothness just add to it.
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    What kind MPGs are you seeing?

    Yep it could be worse but the GDE tune is doing exactly what was promised!
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    What kind MPGs are you seeing?

    Do you have phase 2 emissions completed? My wifes golf sportwagen saw a slight decrease in fuel economy after. My 2014 jetta manual had both phases done at the time of purchase, but mine is tuned so not a good example. I havent had to calibrate my MFD yet, and its typically 1mpg higher than hand...
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    Tune from GDE

    There were a few members here who were beta testers (you can find those older threads). I currently run it on my 2014 jetta and i have 0 complaints. Everything they claim is true. I FEEL like I definately have more power (whether or not its 20hp/70tq, i cant tell since i never got a dyno). The...
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    2014 TDI Fuel Range/MPG Questions

    I can believe this...on a trip to DC, we had the cruise set 70 most of the way and we got a hand calculated 51mpg even though the mfd said 57.
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    2014 TDI Fuel Range/MPG Questions

    With a 5-6 mile commute your car isnt really getting a chance to fully warm up. I have a 2014 6spd jetta tdi and mornings in the 20/30's im getting 35mpg if im lucky and my commute is 8 miles (3 highway/5 city). The quicker your car can warm up the more efficient it will be. With that being said...
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    Need advice on buying a certified pre-owned 2013 Jetta TDI 2.0

    Green Diesel Engineering.... A few folks on the board were early beta testers for them. They don't advertise the power benefits as much as the fuel economy benefits. You do of course get more power, but i've enjoyed a solid ~7mpg increase consistently over my stock VW phase 2 emissions tuning...
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    Need advice on buying a certified pre-owned 2013 Jetta TDI 2.0

    I bought a 2014 jetta value edition 6MT back in july of last year. It had 28k miles on it and CPO and walked out of the dealer about $12.5k TTL. You'll most likely have just oil changes and fuel filters to worry about until it comes time for timing belt and water pump but that'll be a while. We...
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    No Bluetooth on RCD 310 Radio?

    Mine was a 2014 value edition with the most basic radio. I dont believe it had bluetooth hands free, but it did have an aux jack. I got fed up with it and installed a new sony apple carplay radio. I found it odd that a car in 2014 wouldnt at least have bluetooth standard. My old 2014 Audi a4 had...
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    cleanest tail pipes ever

    Good catch, I missed that location part....
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    cleanest tail pipes ever

    All the emissions equipment and the fact that you have DEF fluid helps a lot. On my 2014, on a cold start i can smell an off smell when i first start it up (from the outside, not in the car). The car is trying its best to warm up as fast as possible, so its gonna smell a little to accomplish it...
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    Anyone else impressed with Golf TDI power?

    I used to get about 28 mpg (mostly city 80/20 mix) in my old 06' si. With my tuned mk6 jetta, i now get 42mpg consistently on my same commute and i dont have to rev the crap out of the engine to move quickly...for city driveability the TDI really shines, maybe not so much in the fuel economy...
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    How many VW techs does it take.

    Yep this is what our salesman told us. They've had many people schedule warranty work and dealer ordered parts only to have the folks not show up. The dealer cant get reimbursed if they never installed the parts.
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    I just got pulled back in..bought CPO 2012

    Sounds like quite the list. Only thing i want to do in the not so distant future is koni fsd's with prokit springs and sway bars...with the tune the car is fast enough for my daily drive.
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    I just got pulled back in..bought CPO 2012

    With your mileage, typical CPO selling price at the dealer is $15k. I'm honestly not sure if KBB is taking into account demand for this car, so in any case you got a good deal. Mine i believe being a value ed, with 6 spd and 29k miles was price right at what kbb said it would typically go for.
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    I just got pulled back in..bought CPO 2012

    Id never been in the game until we got my wife her golf sportwagen (dsg) back in march. I was getting bored of my A4 and the surprisingly bad gas mileage. I just happened to find a 2014 Jetta TDI 6spd value ed (29k miles CPO) at a local dealer. I negotiated a few extras like all 4 new tires and...
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    Which TDI is "better" the EA189 or the EA288?

    I get better fuel economy than my wifes sportwagen, even when i was not tuned (aftermarket), so not sure i buy that argument. With the green diesel tune i easily surpass. That being said, but by TDI standards none of our cars are fully broken in i guess...her car with 20k miles and mine with...