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    Something is draining my battery

    This was at the end of Oct. I came out and my 2012 SEL TDI would not start because of a dead battery. Because this was repeat of what happened to me in May, (Dealership could find nothing wrong.) I had AAA pick up the car and tow it to the dealership. When I had the problem in May, I had the...
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    Any one here unhappy with their 2012 passat purchase?

    I have had mine for 7 months, about 20K miles. The rattles are starting to get to me. And don't get me started on the noise coming from the Hankooks!! Ron M
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    Low Beam bulb out

    Kings VW of Loveland, OH RM
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    Low Beam bulb out

    I think there is a problem with the headlight assembly. My left side DRL and low beam went out. It was not the bulb. Had to replace the whole headlight assembly. Dealer said I was the second Passat they had seen with this problem. On the other one, it was the right side. Ron M
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    Turbo whistle/whine

    I also have heard the whine sound. I also get it for a few seconds after I shut the TDI off and then it stops. Getting ready to take in on vacation. Should I be concerned? Ron M
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    Comparison: 2012 Sonata Hybrid vs 2012 Camry Hybrid vs. 2012 Passat TDi

    Driving an "appliance" vs driving something that is fun to drive. Ron M
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    Lots of surveys?

    $ ? Has any of these people asking for surveys talking about compensation? Information cost money.
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    More Pics Opera Red and Titan Black...

    My Opera Red over Titan Black TDI SEL Just picked mine up on Tues. I loved your pictures but I have to say one thing. This color combination on the Passat is even better in person! Even the dealership said it was the best color for the Passat they had seen so far. A customer came up and...
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    Port Installed Options???

    I had one dealer tell me that he thought the SEL was priced too low. Port Installed Options; how to jack up the sale price of the car by adding some overpriced items. :mad: Ron M
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    Port Installed Options???

    Port Installed Options is a holdover from when all foreign cars came over by boat. They have a 3rd party in Chattanooga that installs what you are correctly assuming are the previous "dealer installed options". I do not know if it is still in effect, but in 4th quarter of last year, the...
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    tdi vs. Gasser resale

    Looking at the current gas prices, I calculate that the SE costs $0.113 @ mile for Regular while the TID is around $0.09 @mile for Diesel. For resale, I sold a 2005 Passat TDI with 200,00+ miles for $7,000. Is this how you see it? Ron M
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    Opera Red TDI SEL Premium order 9/19 BUILT!

    +1 I also ordered a Opera Red SEL over Titan Black. Would love to see a picture (since it will be a least a month before I see my car!) Ron M
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    Passat SEL leather restriction ??

    Over on the Ask a VW Sales Guy blog, in the discussion about Jan orders, it says "No SEL orders due to leather restriction"? Does anyone know what this is and what is going on in Chattanooga? Ron M
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    Anyone finance a TDI for 1.9% ?

    Is VW still offering 1.9% for 60 months in 2012? If not, does anyone know the current finance rate? Thanks, RM
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    What time frame did the dealer give you?

    Just heard from my dealer on my TDI SEL ordered on Oct 14th. Delivery is currently slated for week of Feb 20th. RM
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    Unclaimed TDI SEL in Cincinnati

    Kings Volkswagon of Loveland, OH (North of Cincinnati) has an unclaimed Passat TDI SEL Premium in Tungsten Silver with the Titan Black interior. This is what Chris Davis of Kings VW told me at 4:30pm today. Tell Chris that I sent you. Ron M
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    TDI production slower than anticipated ??

    I was reading on another blog sight that at the factory in Chat, the production of the TDI was running slower than anticipated. His dealer contacted him (Imagine that, a VW dealer that actually reaches out and contacts his customer!) and said his delivery date of his TDI had been pushed out by...
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    Passat TDI available !

    OK, I did what you suggested. I went on and set the search for 500 miles. In that area there are over 2000 Passats. I filtered that to just TDI SEL. That lowered the number to 68. I eliminated all of those that were demonstrators (Color: Black and list price of $33,185). That left...
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    Ordered TDI SEL on 10/14/11.....MARCH ??!!

    Were you also told by VW Customer Care that the dealer should be the one updating you with delivery information? 5 to 6 month wait on delivery of a new care with a serious lack of communication. VW, I hope you realized what it is going to take to run with the big dogs! Making a great care is...
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    Call from VW America.

    What date did you order your Passat? Ron M