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  1. Rodinal220

    2006 NB DSG TDI won't start

    I have checked the wires on the terminal block on top of the battery, appear GTG as does the three 30amp fuses. I checked the fuses inside the car located on the driver side fuse panel, all look good. I'm going to inspect the ABS sensors as there is a code for them, had one get the wire cut...
  2. Rodinal220

    2006 NB DSG TDI won't start

    Had some really cold weather and my NB had trouble starting, couldn't get it to turn over. Meaning it cranked but couldn't spin fast enough to light. I had double dosed the tank with White Power Service prior to the cold snap.. I waited until the weather warmed up and the NB would not turn over...
  3. Rodinal220

    DSG oil choice

    I have used VW factory, Liqui-Moly, Febi-Bilstein with no issues. I use the top fill method. I buy the kits from IDParts, they say the filter is an OEM but the factory marked part is $5 more. They both look identical. 5L comes out so I put 5L back in.
  4. Rodinal220

    How bad is the dsg in a 2006 tdi bug?

    I have a 2006 NB DSG. The DSG grenaded at 60k. Thankfully I had the extended warranty and after fighting with the Stealership and getting Corporate involved I got a new DSG installed at no additional cost. I do my own service using the top fill method every 40k. I have used OEM VW 1st, Pentosin...
  5. Rodinal220

    DSG Transmission Oil

    I'm currently running the Liqui Moly 8100 in my 2006 NB DSG with zero issues. I previously used OEM, Pentosin, now Liqui Moly. I purchased everything from I couldn't tell a difference between any of them in my vehicle. LIQUI MOLY Dual Clutch Transmission Oil 8100 - DSG MPN: LM20044
  6. Rodinal220

    Fuel additives

    I use Power Service White and Silver.
  7. Rodinal220

    Anyone still have their TDI's?

    Still have mine. I'm going to drive it till it dies.
  8. Rodinal220

    2006 NB headlamp question

    Thanks for the part info.Any idea how to get the old one out??? I haven't been able to figure it out.
  9. Rodinal220

    2006 NB headlamp question

    The wires and connector on the head lamp itself, not the one on the car, are getting fried. Yes I'm running the hotter SYLVANIA H7 SilverStar Ultra. The stock bulbs suck at night. I need to know how to get the connector out, the white plastic one with several flat blades facing up. I'm thinking...
  10. Rodinal220

    99 Beetle shut off while driving

    Possibly the fuel filter/o-rings,you may have a vacuum leak and are sucking air. I had my 2006 NB die on me and it was the o-rings,used the supplied black/black ones and not the VW black/blue ones.The filter was a Hengst from an approved TDI vendor. Had to bleed the air out of the fuel system...
  11. Rodinal220

    Bio in a PD?

    I run B11-20 with no engine/oil issues so far 90k.
  12. Rodinal220

    Volkswagen: “We will improve quality”

  13. Rodinal220

    What did you do to your car today?

    Car died today,just stopped cold.Luckily I was only a mile from the house and had it towed back.Had power and it would turn over but wouldnt start.Thinking worst case scenario since Ive been having a string of problems as the car gets older. Ran a Vag-Com and nothing.No fault codes,no idiot...
  14. Rodinal220

    DSG vs. 6 speed?

    I have a 2006 NB TDI with DSG.Glad I bought the extended warranty.Normally I never opt for extended warranties(Japanese cars) but with VWs spotty QC and the DSG being new I did($1k).DSG grenaded at 60k and was over $5k just for a new tranny plus labor and related parts fluid filter etc.The...
  15. Rodinal220

    No SAT signal

    I have a 2006 NB with the Monsoon 5.5 XM Satellite radio.I have had satellite service since day one with no problems until now.The radio says NO SIGNL when turned onto satellite mode.I do get FM but no AM,CD works fine. I called XM and verified I was still getting service,im paid up till the...
  16. Rodinal220

    Transmission oil change and other stuff

    My local dealer still claims the DSG on my NB is sealed and does not need the fluid changed.I told him he needs to re-think his answer.I politely showed him the VW parts numbers for the DSG fluid,filter,drain plug tool,drain plug,he was still in denial. On the way out of the stealership I...
  17. Rodinal220

    how to measure fuel additive

    Dixie cup.
  18. Rodinal220

    New Glarus Brewing Company - New Glarus, WI

    Spotted Cow is really good stuff.Excellent brewery.
  19. Rodinal220

    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    ROAD RANGER 19 N 681 US Highway 20 Hampshire ,IL. I paid $3.20 a gallon few days ago.When I drive back to Crook County diesel fuel going for $3.60-3.70.According to their website,RR no longer sells Citgo fuel:) .The also claim to winterize with Power Service Arctic Express® Diesel Fuel Anti gel.
  20. Rodinal220

    2003 TDI Beetle, starts but will not rev

    Always carry an extra fuel filter with you.Its cheap insurance and can save you a tow and trip to the STEALERSHIP.