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    How to: Replacing the Adblue Heater & Temp Sensor Module

    Just got a notice in the mail that VW Canada has issued a recall for 2012-14 TDI Passats to replace the AdBlue Heater for free.
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    Dieselgate, The Canadian Edition

    I guess we'll just have to wait to see if the Ontario government issues a statement or updates the relevant web page: Interesting that they say the fix is "recommended" as soon as it's available, not "required". Looks...
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    Dieselgate, The Canadian Edition

    I got the same email. So VW Canada has officially thrown in the towel on a fix for these cars. if I'm reading the email correctly it looks like we have to wait until after the portal is updated to see what VW will give us manual owners for our cars. Probably irrelevant for me as I have no...
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    Dieselgate, The Canadian Edition

    Any insight as to what will happen with these cars with respect to plate renewals in Ontario? I still have another year until I need to renew my sticker...hoping to avoid a buyback if possible. Don't want VW's $$$, just hoping to keep this car (2013 Passat manual transmission).
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    real world mpg after the fix

    Out of curiosity, do you (or anyone for that matter) track your overall mileage travelled by GPS, too? I've been tracking my trips with a mileage app and have been finding that my Passat's odometer under-reports my distance travelled compared to GPS by a steady 3-3.5% I've seen this consistently...
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    VW Canada Settlement - $2.1 Billion

    The buyout value for my 2013 per the US Settlement #s - $24,077 USD. Per the Canadian #s - $16,250 (from Canadian Black Book) + $5,500 = $21,750 CAD. Pretty huge difference @ 1.34 exchange rate! The car is worth more (to me) than $21.5k so I'm not selling. Pretty reasonable offer, though...
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    Looking into a 2013 VW Passat TDI

    I sure would. VW is extending warranties left and right to try to keep owners happy. Give up my '13 Passat TDI? No chance. They'll have to pry it from my cold dead fingers.
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    Will this forum exist after everyone in the US (some day Canada) takes the buyout

    No chance I'll be taking the buyback unless there's absolutely no alternative. Love this car too much! If anything, I'll try to purchase another TDI Passat on the cheap, but that's looking less and less likely as time goes on. Prices for these cars (at least in my area) have shot up...
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    Heat not working in 2013 passat

    I never received any notice in the mail about the heater core issue, either. I was prepared for a bit of a fight when I took the car into the dealership, but it turned out to be a complete non-issue. They did it as warranty work, gave me a loaner car for the day and charged me nothing. Note...
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    How to: Replacing 2012+ NMS Passat heater core

    Same here in Canada. I tried to turn on the heat on the first cold day of fall only to realize that there was zero heat coming out - even on the driver's side. Took it to my local dealer. No questions asked - heater core replaced completely free. They also did the connector that jjblbi...
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    Turning on rain sensor

    I activated my rain sensor with VCDS and love it. As others have noted, the only real problem with it is the occasional random wiper swipe on a dry, sunny day. I find the sytem works very well for controlling the wipers in all types of rain. I rarely manually override it.
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    Fill up volume of 2012 Passat TDI

    I've only taken my TDI down to the point where the display shows my range to be zero one time. I did a slow fill to the very top and I was able to get 66.744 litres in, which converts to 17.63 gallons. If you are new to diesel - as I am - diesel foaming is one of the things that takes awhile to...
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    RNS 510 Lag time

    They're all like that. I've often started my car, backed it out of the garage, and then driven forward 50+ yards up the road before my backup camera comes on.:rolleyes: I notice that I can't lock into a new channel using the tuner knob for a good 2 or 3 minutes after the car is started. I can...
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    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    Well, it's almost certainly spewing out more NOx than the '82 Chevy. That just comes with the territory for the smaller, more fuel-efficient engines. So you're contributing more to smog (especially if you're doing a lot of city driving) with the TDI, but you're spewing more of every other type...
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    '13 NMS door lock issue

    Are you pulling on the handle with the fob still in your pocket? If so, the KESSY system will sense the presence of the fob and automatically open the door for you.
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    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    Nah, you've got it all wrong, it's keeping NOx levels high for the sake of p̶e̶r̶f̶o̶r̶m̶a̶n̶c̶e̶ global warming ;) Think of the poor polar bears.:D
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    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    :D This is pretty hilarious. Essentially their answer to everything is "we don't know". I mean...why bother doing this sort of FAQ. It reads like a parody of modern corporate communications. Oh well, I'm glad that they are not doing anything out of the ordinary. I wanted to take my Passat in...
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    Bumper Sticker

    Hard NOx life is a classic. Someone please do this.