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    Update on bought back cars fate?

    My car is still sitting in storage. 2010 Golf with 63,000 miles.
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    Who got the payment from BOSCH?

    My buyback was the first week of February and the Bosch check was in today's mail.
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    'fess up - who got emotional handing back keys

    Kept my engine cover too! I gave my TDI a pat on the roof and wished it the best while thinking that it was probably headed to the crusher.
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    Buyback scheduled, car runs fine, but multiple dash lights on

    I had multiple lights on at buyback with no issues. Check engine, ABS, ESP, Airbag, and TPS.
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    Should I Do the 80k Tran Svce?

    My car had close to 63,000 miles at buyback and I never did the transmission service. No issues being 23,000 miles over the service interval.
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    RIP: [warning: crushed car pics]

    My Chevy SS included a $1,000 gas guzzler tax, but it's not my daily driver. My extremely thirsty 2008 VW Touareg 4.2L now fills the daily driver void that my TDI left. Thanks VW!
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    Trading in your VW TDI? What will be your next car

    2017 Holden Commodore SSV Chevrolet SS. Chevy LS3, Magneride, 6 speed Tremec, wrapped in a sleeper package. A car so American, it had to be made in Australia. . The morning after it was delivered to the dealer...
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    How Long to Wait for Fuel Filter

    I had my fuel filter changed as part of the factory included maintenance, but blew off changing it and the transmission service after Dieselgate began. Car had 62,000 miles at buyback.
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    "NEW" 2015 JSW for sale today @ VW Dublin, CA

    They're gauging demand. If it's not there, then the discounts will come.
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    TDI withdrawal symptoms :(

    My check engine light came on after Dieselgate started. I needed to replace a glow plug because the sensor was bad. Never did. About 3 months before my buyback, my ESP, Airbag, and ABS lights came on. My headliner was drooping and 2 days before buyback, the radio died, but miraculously came...
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    TDI withdrawal symptoms :(

    I can relate. I bought my TDI when I drove a lot with a previous job. It kept the miles off my Touareg which has now become my daily driver. When Dieselgate hit, I decided to wait on the DSG transmission service and completely blew it off when they announced buybacks. I kept my oil topped...
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    TDI withdrawal symptoms :(

    I miss two things about my TDI, the great fuel economy and parking it wherever I wanted because I wasn't worried about door dings and scratches because of the buyback. About 5 weeks after my buyback, I took delivery of the Chevy SS I ordered last October and the timing couldn't have been better...
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    How much gas in tank at buy back time?

    Light was on and I had about 1/16th on the gauge.
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    WSJ's take on the situation

    Same article, but not behind a paywall:
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    Cruze vs TDI

    The Cruz is an import from Canada. :D
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    Will TDI With DPF Regen Light Ruin Buy Back?

    Yep. Mine had check engine, ESP, Antilock Brakes, and Airbag lit up. No problem at all at buyback.
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    Should I wait until April?

    I waited for February to turn mine in because of the milage brackets. So yes, wait until April and get the additional money.
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    Today's buyback went easier than most Craigslist deals

    I felt bad when I dropped mine off because I don't think they're going to have a fix for the first generation engines which means mine will be stripped and crushed like so many others will.