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    Considering a 2009-2011 VW/Audi TDI - Opinions?

    More of the same Q... Altho' my needs are different from HudsDad, my Q about reliability is essentially the same. I'm new here & hope to pick up a fuller perspective on why there are so many truly negative & hostile comments from former VW owners about their cars' reliability. We're...
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    New 2014 Cars

    Not all diesel fuel is expensive... O'Brien's post above reminds me that on our recent Florida-Montana-Florida drive-athon, we rarely saw diesel fuel prices as high (compared with 87 gas) as here in Florida and out in California. We went west thru the central midwest (TN, MO, KS, CO) and back...
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    MkV / MkVI Bluetooth FAQ (Updated 12/30/2010)

    After 30 pages of this, would someone familiar with the 2012 Jetta (Sedan or SW) summarize for me what options must be ordered to obtain full iPhone functionality - including hands-free, streaming, phonebook and voice command? That would be most helpful and bring this thread up to date. Many...
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    Where is the Newer TDI Info?

    Thanks for the links. Very helpful. BUT...I've reviewed most of the FAQ content and it appears it hasn't been updated in years. Is there perhaps a more recent addendum or update file? The info there is priceless...but very hard for a newcomer to apply to a new TDI VW product. Lots of...
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    Where is the Newer TDI Info?

    I'm a new member and appreciate this forum because it is helping me become informed on the VW TDI engines in Passats and Jettas, two models I'm shopping along with some hybrids and gas powered models. So first, thanks Everyone! Having said that, as I wade thru the various stickies I'm finding...