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    TDI Fest 2006: The winner is....

    Oh, there'll be competition So few of you have had the pleasure of viewing IndigoBlueWagon's A3 up close and personal! Consider this fair warning !!
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    Bearings times 3

    2000 Jetta TDI and I'm heading for my 3rd bearing replacement at 102K. What the frig is happenin' here?? Any suggestions. Never had an alignment done. 1st set at 42K (left front). 96K (left front) and now 102K (will find out Saturday)
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    Mobil1 Oil Changes $27.00 @ Wal-Mart !!

    I searched to see if this was posted before but if it has forgive me. I have had my last two oil changes done on my 03 Jetta at Wal-Mart of all places, Mobil1 Oil Changes are $27.00 for the Basic ($3 more if you want them to vaccum). It is not worthwhile to do it myself for that price, Mobil1...
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    IS Biodiesel Safe to use with high water content?

    Hi, I just bought my first tank of Bio-D at Ward's. How do you mean dirty? Could you give some more info? Thanks
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    new battery brand

    One day last week the battery just decided to start putting up a fight. Before it can't make it any more (well, probably just after that), I'll replace with either the Walmart Eveready or Costco Delco. Is there any preference between the two (other than $)?
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    Anyone make their own OBD II cable?

    Try this (c/w a link to )
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    GoFaster Help!

    Inplug your MAF and see if that restores the power? You could try that out, then you'd know. [ October 21, 2002, 14:36: Message edited by: je ]
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    Good $$ for 1000Amp battery in the GTA

    daym, that's like a short drive from me. I wonder how it stacks compared to the Eveready from Walmart and Delco from Costco. My battery protests starting, even after only 2.5 years! Can't wait till it starts getting cold!!
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    11mm Pump

    You can wrap a rag around the injector lines where they are loose (pump, head) to stop fuel oil spraying everywhere (very, very, very annoying thing to have happen). That's what I'll do next time.
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    Banks Sidewinder

    I guess noone will make fun of him for being named 'Gale' anymore, eh?
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    17" Rim Upgrade, Advantages/Disadvantages?

    Im still wondering if there's a real performance advantage to going 205/16 rather than 195/65, to negate the $15 increase. Is there?
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    Pronounciation of word " cetane "

    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">Maybe they can figure out how I am supposed to review the book Material Concerns; Pollution, profit, and quality of life by Tim Jackson. I can't even think of where to start. I'll try to avoid using the words "On Mr. Jackson's fictitious...
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    30psi boost spike on our Upsoluted 01TDI NB

    I used a 30psi to -30inHG gauge from a surplus store, from a who-knows-what-how-old engine (my girlfriend's brother in law used to work there, what a surprise!), and I would nover get more than 25psi, 24 was hard to achieve, 22 more likely, and 17.5psi at steady.
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    Jetta dies young at 126,000KM ... UPDATED PICS BIG

    It is the same, but a vehicle with high km is appraised at a lower value than average, anything to give you less money.
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    CCV mod and air vent Question

    You can do that, here's a thread about the same thing (you'll find it to be interesting):;f=4;t=004859 I took a little of the 3/4" hose, about an inch or so, and put that over the nipple, and put the cap from a 1 litre oil bottle...
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    EGR Mod

    [ October 13, 2002, 08:27: Message edited by: je ]
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    October 19 GTG

    Have you figured a way to get the nut off? I have a couple of different nuts you can use to make one jam nut (am I still on the hook for this?)
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    American Press Reviews V-10 TDI Touareg

    Check this review out [ October 12, 2002, 09:25: Message edited by: je ]
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    Compelling reason to use low sulfer fuel?

    Whenever I've seen something labelled "LOW SULFUR DIESEL!!" it was the same price as any other diesel.