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    diesel injector pump repair/replace

    Where is the best place to get a B4 dsl injector pump repaired or replaced? Thanks
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    Parting out 96 passat TDI

    Need diesel in j pump....
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    WTB RUST FREE 1996-97 Passat TDI Wagon (B4V)

    I have a 86 Passat TDI wagon sunroof. grey. Original owner Southern vehicle no rust. 305 K having dsl inj pump sealed, new starter, timing belt, good tires.
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    value? 2015 Golf tdi manual

    I have a 2015 Gollf S TDI manual grey with 78000 miles on it. $15,500 cash .
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    AdBlue lack of use - waiting for the light...

    I predict DEF light will go on between now and Aug. 15th.....just a guess.....
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    1997 TDI Part out SOCAL

    Diesel Injector Pump available?
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    FS: 2004 Jetta Wagon part out Missouri

    Injector pump Will the Inj Pump fit on a 96 Passat TDI, if so I'll take it.
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    FS ALH injector pumps (auto & manual)

    Will inj Pump fit a 1996 VW Passat TDI 1Z manual?
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    buyback completed today

    Sounds illegal to me I would consult with an attorney and send info to Judge Beyers counsel
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    WTB: Stock 14" B4 Passat steel rim

    B4 rims I have 4 14" steel rims from a B4 in Oxford, MS;$25 ea 4 for $80; you pay shipping. Mike
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    B4 Steel Wheels

    I have 4-5 spare B4 specific 14" spare steel wheels for my '96 Passat wagon, they have weak rubber on them, would let them go for $25/ea + shipping.
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    Portable air compressor

    Try the Walmart Slime compressor, costs $59.99 and can work off NiCad batt., cig lighter or wall outlet. Is digital and can be auto set/cut-off to fill up tires at pre-determined psi. Also has LED light and hose pump for fill-up air mattresses/basketballs/etc. Is fast, fairly quiet and can...
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    Chris(3193) has found a new home!

    Chris- Your first sale should be to Gov. Christie to assist him with diverting attention to the GW Bridge debacle.....I don't think he would squeezez into a Golf though... Congrats on your new gig, Mike
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    WTB B4 rear door handles

    Abacus- I'll take the rear handles if they are still available. Thanks, Mike
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    Great Road & Track editorial about a 2013 SportWagen TDI

    BB King Bluesville was quite appropos yesterday (9/16) as it was BB Kings 88th birthday (9/16/25).....FYI there is a BB King Blues Museum in Indianola, MS.
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    Do all b4 wagons have the 25 gallon tank?

    B4 wagon tanks are actually 26.5 gallons, based on 284K on my 1996 B4 TDI wagon. 1100-1200 mile range is not a far reach....
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    Complete LED Kits for all VW Models

    I am interested in a kit for my 2011 JSW TDI. What is the ordering process please. Thanks, Mike
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    New car in town

    Welcome to the TDI Forum. Here in Oxford, there is an excelent DSL/TDI Mechanic, Aaron Graves of Graves Imports, 662-238-2656, should you ever need some work on your TDI. Mike
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    Looking for a Reputable shop close to North Mississippi

    My typo is Aaron Graves, not Alan.
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    Looking for a Reputable shop close to North Mississippi

    Graves Import Service Old Hwy 7 North Oxford, MS 662-238-2656 Alan Graves has worked on my 96 Passat TDI wagon, and 81 VW Dsl Rabbit pickup. He knows diesels.