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    In search of new brakes for mk4 golf

    Don’t know what kind of brakes to get for my 2002 mk4 golf tdi. I’m thinking oem but I want something a little bit better
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Which brakes did you go with for your car? I’m in need of new ones and don’t know what to get
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    Rough idle?

    I haven’t driven in another tdi so I’m not sure if this is how all of them are but when I’m sitting at idle it feels as if every other second there is a feeling of imbalance almost while running. Kinda lopey I would say, if anyone has a clue or needs further explanation please reply!!!
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    Is 950rpm considered a bad idle for a mk4 tdi?

    I got my first tdi a couple of months ago and have just now dig into the forums. A few things about the car is it is currently at 210,000 miles and I got no receipts or knowledge of previous repairs done. I’ve seen a few posts about people saying their idle is around 850 and I want to know if...