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  1. 2011TDIowner

    Windshield Washer Smell

    Whenever I use the windshield washer there is a strong chemical smell in the cabin for a short time after the washer spray has been applied. Anyone else experiencing this? Am wondering if there is a leak somewhere. 2011TDIowner
  2. 2011TDIowner

    Bluetooth Noise Issue with 2011 VW Jetta TDI

    No problems with my BB and BT on my 2011 Jetta. My with has an Acer Smart Phone and also no problems. Agree that BB's create a lot of EMI. They can interfere with speakers if the BB is close to them.
  3. 2011TDIowner

    Auto Lock Over-ride?

    I like the keyless entry system on the new Jetta but find the auto lock function a bit of a pain in the butt. I often throw parcels, brief cases, etc in the back seat but it is a pain to have to hit the unlock button every time I get out of the car to be able to open the back doors. Don't...
  4. 2011TDIowner

    2011 Jetta MFD issues

    I noticed the lack of a minus sign as well but figured you'd have to be pretty dense to figure that it was +15 when the ground is covered in snow. For us Canucks it can be used as a reminder of things to come when thew snowflake symbol disappears ( about 4 months from now!). I'm planning to...
  5. 2011TDIowner

    2011 Jetta MFD issues

    Thanks for the heads up. Will check mine out and post the results.
  6. 2011TDIowner

    Chevy Cruze 42mpg EPA rating = why buy a Volt for 2x price?

    Let's not forget the Cruze Eco offers only 140 lbs or torque vs the 240+ lbs in the Jetta TDI. Makes a heck of a difference in driving performance for the same mpgs. Also Jetta has better interior space and trunk space.
  7. 2011TDIowner

    2011 VW Jetta

    A couple thoughts on the growth of diesel car sales in North America. One is to point out to our American cousins that your neighbours to the Great White North are actually the largest exporters of oil to the US. We account for more than 1/3 of all oil imports to the US - more than the middle...
  8. 2011TDIowner

    What Diesels Fuels to Use?

    Another option on which there are many threads in other areas of TDI forums is to throw in some additives which serve two purposes. One is to boost Cetane levels and the second is to prevent gelling at lower temps, although you guys on the east coast don't get too much of the -30C weather like...
  9. 2011TDIowner

    Definitive PDI Checklist

    On the keyless entry, I kept grasping the handle while putting my thumb on the indentation to lock the door. For it to operate properly, the handle must be clear and only the indentation. Question - original post talked of a coolant heater cord. I assumed this was the same as the block heater...
  10. 2011TDIowner

    Definitive PDI Checklist

    Agree with dr p. The block heater cord was missing on mine. Dealer got me one after I took delivery. Had a few issues with getting the keyless entry system to work properly but it turned out to be operator error - nothing wrong with the car. If you are getting the Highline package it might be...
  11. 2011TDIowner

    Got my new TDI, somewhat disappointed

    I agree with syneycb, I miss having the engine temp and auto headlights. Certainly not deal breakers but would have been nice. Have had several cars (and still do - 77 Mercedes 450SL) that I have to pay close attention to engine temps on hot days. Would be nice if VW could add this in as a SW...
  12. 2011TDIowner

    Went to dealer today, have some questions.

    Auto or manual is a personal thing and I think it depends on the sort of driving you are doing. Have had both and while I enjoy manual shift for sport driving, if you are stuck in stop and go trafffic every day it's a pain in the butt. Also a bit of a pain if you live in a hilly area. When I...
  13. 2011TDIowner

    My 1st TDI + Road Trip

    Great photos and nice looking car. Makes me want to plan a road trip out west. 2011TDIowner
  14. 2011TDIowner

    Fuel nozzle size for 2011 TDI

    Can anyone offer some clarification on whether the size of the hole to accept fuel nozzles on the 2011 TDI's is different than previous years? I thought that these cars were supposed to be able to handle both large and small diesel nozzles at the pump. First time I tried to fill up the pump...
  15. 2011TDIowner

    2011 Jetta Speedo way off

    I noticed the same thing when I used my gps. It seems to be a non-linear delta. It's pretty close at slow speeds but was about 7-10 km/hr when the speedo shows 120. Better to have it that way than the other way around - less likely to get nailed in speed traps! A friend of mine that owns an...
  16. 2011TDIowner

    Does the 2011 Jetta TDI have an electrical heater?

    I tried the procedure that NL TDI suggested. Seems to work so I guess mine has the aux heater. There was slightly warm air out of the defroster almost immediately when I tried this. Definitely better than when I had the fan set to 1, temp control to mid point and on defrost, when it seemed to...
  17. 2011TDIowner

    Does the 2011 Jetta TDI have an electrical heater?

    I don't think they have it. It takes about 5 minutes before it seems to crank out any heat from the vents. Had temps here around 0 C (32 F) and determined the 3 level heated seats work great though. May be a different story when it hits -20C. 2011TDIowner
  18. 2011TDIowner

    2011 Jetta Owner's manual options

    I agree completely with you. I think they could have done a better job defining what options are associated with the different trim levels. It took me a while to figure out what items applied to my car and what things didn't. While I bought mine off the show room floor, there was no indication...
  19. 2011TDIowner

    2011 Jetta Highline pictures

    Looks great. Congrats. I'm interested to know what you think of the Nav system and also does your bluetooth have any connectivity on your touch screen? I have the large touch screen radio but no Nav and there is only the audio interface for the bluetooth. It works quite well but I would have...
  20. 2011TDIowner

    2011 Jetta Sedan. Its here!!!!!

    Just got back from a weekend tour in my 2011 Jetta TDI Highline. Drove from Ottawa to London Ont (~660 Kms each way). Gas tank was still showing 1/2 full when I got to London. Filled up before the return and still have a half tank when I got home - Fantastic. Car handled beautifully, seats were...