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  1. Fobulous

    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    Yes i am interested to know this as well. i would love to keep my car but i sure don't want them to decrease it's performance nor fuel economy..:confused: What they did is just so unforgiving..
  2. Fobulous

    Proper way of driving stick shift during low speed.

    Hi guys, a little update. i just noticed that on a flat surface (virtually everywhere here in Houston is flat.. ) if i let go of the clutch slowly and smoothly the car actually goes without the accelerator at all. I found this out in a crowded parking lot :) The things i learn everyday..
  3. Fobulous

    Proper way of driving stick shift during low speed.

    Thanks guys, so in other words I'm driving my car correctly because it has good torque at low gear but my friend's stang will need to be in 2nd gear or 1st gear with gentle gas ? Will my method work on most of the stock stick shift vehicles? I have only driven two stick shift vehicles, my...
  4. Fobulous

    Proper way of driving stick shift during low speed.

    Hi all, I just had a discussion with couple of my buddies about driving in low speed with stick shift. Both of them expressed annoyance as they need to constantly engaging and disengage the clutch. I told them that i just let the clutch AND acceslerator go at low speed and my vehicle will...
  5. Fobulous

    Low Beam Headlight Bulb?

    My low beam went out as well How easy is to change these things? I found a link on the how to will it be enough? Do i need special tools? I have never changed the bulb before. I also found these on Ebay from a german...
  6. Fobulous

    Some trivial items need fixing

    I should have updated this thread but i took this car into the Archer VW dealership in Southwest of Houston and they did a fabulous job. Not only did they fixed everything free of charge but they also fixed two recalls, (1 is a computer update, 2nd is the tire pressure sensor being too...
  7. Fobulous

    A little JSW on JSW action

    Won't you get a ticket from the cops if you don't a front license plate?
  8. Fobulous

    Free sat radio for 2 weeks....check it out if your trial is over and you dont subscr.

    I confirm. It is working on my vehicle as well. 2 weeks is not bad at all :)
  9. Fobulous

    Some trivial items need fixing

    My vehicle is still under warranty ( i also have extended warranty) Right rare break lights: My right rare brake light is only half lit now. How easy is it to change them? My vehicle is still under warranty and will the dealer do it for free? Backseat Arm rest: This arm rest will refuse to...
  10. Fobulous

    DSG or 6M?

    I prefer 6 speed manual. I love my 6M TDI :)
  11. Fobulous

    2011 jetta tdi - sluggish first gear

    First gear is to get you started like other posters mentioned. 2nd gear is where you speed up your vehicle. Also, you can't really compare other vehicles with manual transmission either because every manufacture is different. Heck, when i was driving my old beat up'96 Mazda 626, i can take off...
  12. Fobulous

    How is the Murphy Express Diesel?

    Thanks for the information i will definitely check it out. I assume that Bio Diesel is safe for the jetta tdi? :)
  13. Fobulous

    How is the Murphy Express Diesel?

    Is D2 bad or good? :)
  14. Fobulous

    How is the Murphy Express Diesel?

    Hi guys and gals, I just noticed a Murphy Express not far from my house has Diesel and the prices are $3.89 versus the Shell's 4.09 down the road. Have you guys used their diesel befor? Is the quality inferior to Shell or Chevron? Thanks!
  15. Fobulous

    2010 TDI Recalls......NEW

    Thanks I wonder if they are sending these notices to the owners.
  16. Fobulous

    Texas owners TDI List

    Add me to this growing list! '10 Salsa Red Jetta 6-Speed Manual, Fully tinted.
  17. Fobulous

    Power Service Fuel Additive

    Should i start adding this stuff to my 2010 Jetta? I found Power Service on Amazon IS the above the correct one to get?
  18. Fobulous

    Prestone Anti-freeze

    Hey what do you mean by that? Will they charge me extra?
  19. Fobulous

    Prestone Anti-freeze

    Hello guys, Glad i saw this thread through Google! Anyway, over the weekend, my Jetta TDI showed Low Coolant level, so i added Preston Antifreeze from Walmart ($12). IS this a bad move? I didn't know that G12 is something totally different until i searched it today. I am about to take this...
  20. Fobulous

    2010 Jetta TDI

    I have a 2010 Jetta TDI 6-Speed Man with almost 10k miles and has not experienced any of these problems at all.