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  1. rjbbrooks

    Saskatchewan TDI members??

    So the plot thickens. Alternator and battery are new. Ran the car for an hour and it stopped by itself, with no power to restart. Looks like the battery is not being charged. Checked with multimeter and still have a .25 amp parasitic drain. Better than a 4 amp drain before I replaced the...
  2. rjbbrooks

    Saskatchewan TDI members??

    Well, I got the job done, but in the Mk VI I learned in order to get the alternator out you have to put the front end of the car into "Service Position" - effectively sliding the front bumper (headlights, rad and all) about 6 inches forward onto a couple temporarily placed long bolts. Found a...
  3. rjbbrooks

    Alternator overcharging battery

    Alternator is outputting 18.9 volts. I'm also measuring a 4 amp parasitic drain on the battery. Is it the voltage regulator, or does the whole alternator need replacing? Bought the car with 230k on it; it now has 319k - I've never replaced the alternator. And if I have to put the vehicle in...
  4. rjbbrooks

    Saskatchewan TDI members??

    Hi from Wolseley, Sask. 😀 Looking for a mechanic to replace my alternator (I have the part).