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    Some Oregonians know how to pump their own gas

    I'm sure those no name stations are not selling Top Tier Fuels. Google that ! Who knows what kind of Wombat Urine they are dispensing as fuel.
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    Are side skirts worth it ?

    I don't understand what side skirts are going to do for you.. The air comes in under the car from the front. And like someone else posted, will be an issue on speed bumps, and other perturbations in the road. If you're looking to save fuel, look at driving habits. VW did a lot of aerodynamic...
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    F/S. VCDS and Bentley

    Selling Ross-Tech VCDS Hex-Can to USB cable, unlimited vin's, and Bentley Manual for 2010 Jetta, Diesel and Gas.
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    Hex-Can Vag Com and Bentley Manual

    I have a Ross-Tech Hex-Can Cable and Bentley Manual from my 2010 Jetta TDI for sale. $375 for both items, does not include shipping. Please PM me.
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    2010 Jetta TDI Leftover items

    F/S Leftover items from 2010 Jetta TDI after buyback. VCDS Hex-Can Cable. Oil Filters, Fuel Filters, Air and Cabin air filters. Weathertech front floor mats. Also have Bentley Manual in Hardcover. Please PM me.
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    Which Vagcom to buy?

    I have done the buyback with my car, but I have the HEX-CAN version cable if you're interested in buying it. Send me a PM
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    Volkswagen Dealership Gift Card For Sale - $350

    Do you need anything like tires for another car.. I used mine to buy tires at the dealer for a non VW vehicle. I just gave them the size, make and model tires I wanted, and they got them. Paid for them with the dealer card.
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    Truly Sad. The extent of the recall hits home.

    I agree. I've been reading on this site since I bought my Jetta in 2010.. Very helpful and knowledgeable people here.. Much more than on other sites. I've already done the buyback, but I keep visiting because I enjoy reading here. Will probably never stop. The sites for my new car are not nearly...
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    Wanted: Vagcom scanner

    Interested in buying one ?? I've done the buyback on my 2010 Jetta TDI and have one for sale. PM me if interested.
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    Sad Farewell

    Exactly why I parked mine when I started the process.. Good luck and I hope it holds up to the end for you.
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    Sad Farewell

    I turn mine in next week.. Stopped driving it last September for fear of something failing and having an expensive repair. Bought a new Hemi Charger. Combined of 25 to 26 MPG.. On the highway I can break 30 at 75 MPH.. It's an awesome car and a blast to drive. Much nicer than my Jetta. I'll miss...
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    Newly designed Jetta for 2018

    With all the fines and penalties VW is paying, and laying off 30,000 workers, I seriously doubt the R&D budget will be very large to allow vehicle redesigns. I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing the same old platforms for many years to come.
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    Go test drive the Charger R/T.. Pretty big bang for the buck. You won't be disappointed.
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    My replacement - asking for suggestions based on the criteria below;

    I agree with mopower.. Take a look at the Charger with the Pentastar V6.. 300 HP, AWD. But only look at 2015 and later with the 8 speed ZF transmission. I replaced my Jetta with the 5.7 Hemi model year 2016. It's just an awesome machine.
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    When do you think we will hear anything about incentives to stay with VW?

    I find it hard to imagine the arrogance of VW to think that buyback people will be scrambling for new VW's.. It's that attitude that got them into this situation in the first place. I will never own another VW product. I simply cannot support a company with such low ethical standards
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    Best value from loyalty card if buyback is likely?

    Just go in and buy the tires. I bought a pair of 245-45R20's for my Dodge Charger at my local VW dealer on the loyalty card. They had to order them as they had no tires that large. They didn't care. Took them to my tire shop and had them mounted
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    Decided to keep/fix it ? Treat your car to a small, but meaningful gift.

    Mine is crusher bait.. It's already been replaced and is just waiting to be turned in. DPF is cracked, and I'm not waiting for any more expensive failures. Already moved on.
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    Will VW Offer Generous Loyalty Rebates On New Cars?

    I'm not interested in ANY VW cars after this fiasco. Already moved on. Now I'm just waiting for the buyback.
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    Anyone else sweating out major engine issues?

    I've got 138 k on mine.. Soot in exhaust from cracked DPF, and occasional check engine light for low egr flow. I've parked mine till I turn it in and have already bought my new car. I'm done with VW and this fragile emissions equipment.
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    To Park, or not to Park, that is the question

    Done the same thing. Mine's parked. I've been getting the check engine light and read codes for low EGR flow.. I have soot in the tailpipe so the DPF is cracked. That's the way it's going back.. Already bought my new car, and yes it's a gasser. I love my diesel, but all this complicated exhaust...