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  1. gloaming

    CR140 Stage 3

    See the first post of this thread. JFettig posted all the details of this build. It would seem most ppl myself included used the 03L 253 016 G turbo.
  2. gloaming

    CR140 Stage 3

    The CR170 turbo is the GTD turbo. I'm not sure if they have a similar off the shelf tune for the CR170 turbo, but check out darkside developments. They are UK based tuner and probably have the most powerful TDI's on the globe.
  3. gloaming

    Malone Stage 2 / Rawtek MPG Concerns

    Your ECU takes a little bit to adjust to the tune, so it make get closer to the true mpg after a couple tanks.
  4. gloaming

    TDIClub Forums connection not secure?

    I noticed today that tdiclub and the forum are displaying unsecured connections at the top of the web browser. Do any mod's know what's up? Has the website been hacked?
  5. gloaming

    MK6 ECS Dogbone Insert $30 OBO

    Brand new unused Red ECS Dogbone insert. $30 obo
  6. gloaming

    New South Performance Boost Gauge $50

    I have a brand new in the box boost gauge that was intended for my MK6. It may fit other models, I'm not sure. Does not display vacuum, as this was for the TDI.
  7. gloaming

    FS: MK6 Front Wheel Bearing $100 OBO

    I have one front wheel bearing, brand new in the box. It was intended for my MK6 Golf and I no longer have the car. I paid $135 for it, I would let it go for $100.
  8. gloaming

    WTB: Ross-Tech HEX-CAN+USB

    Thanks. I actually just sold my Micro CAN because it isn't compatible with my R32. I'm looking to get one that covers all OBDII VW's so I can work on current and future cars. Also, family members VW and Audi's as well.
  9. gloaming

    WTB: Ross-Tech HEX-CAN+USB

    Hello, As the title states, I'm looking for a Ross-Tech HEX-CAN+USB interface with unlimited VINs. I'm paypal ready. Thank you.
  10. gloaming

    Bosch Says It's Made a Breakthrough That Can Save Diesel Engines

    Well you're both right. HP and LP EGR :p My thoughts are along the line of some type of liquid cooling somewhere in the exhaust stream.
  11. gloaming

    1998 Jetta @Philadelphia Auction

    I saw this pop up and thought I'd pass it along. Auction is happening tomorrow.
  12. gloaming

    2013 TDI Sportwagen DSG Pano

    There is absolutely no legal requirement to get the fix done. The only thing is you won't get any $$$, but as someone buying the car after the fix was announced you wouldn't get any $$$ anyway. It's only for original owners.
  13. gloaming

    Steering sounds???

    This is most likely your clock spring. There was going to be a recall on almost all mk6 clock springs, but they never figured out how to fix it. I described mine as two rubber bands rubbing against each other.
  14. gloaming

    FT: CR170 for stock turbo

    Hi everyone. An update: The whole kit and exhaust system was given to a TDICLUB member who was local to me. He's rebuilding a car that had an engine fire and going to go Stage 3+ as far as I know. I'm happy that someone still gets to enjoy these mods even though my car is gone. FYI I picked up...
  15. gloaming

    FT: CR170 for stock turbo

    The Turbo, downpipe, and exhaust were given to a fellow member (at no charge to him). The Golf is now in VW's hands. Keep going strong TDI community!
  16. gloaming

    MK4 R32 Rolling Shells for AWD Swap

    Hey folks, This isn't my Craigslist ad, but I came across this and thought someone on here may be interested in doing an AWD swap with their ALH or PD. Have Fun! P.S. I'm sorry to say I've left the TDI...
  17. gloaming

    2002 Golf TDI GLS, Manual - NC

    This isn't going to last long.
  18. gloaming

    FT: CR170 for stock turbo

    You need at least an EGR delete for the CR170 turbo. The EGR is located on the opposite side from the stock turbo. I'm not sure if anyone has run the CR170 with the DPF or not, but there's a whole thread dedicated to the turbo set up. If you want the whole exhaust system, see if you can find...
  19. gloaming

    FT: CR170 for stock turbo

    I believe CR170 will only work on CJAA engines. It's the turbo off the Golf GTD in Europe, so it will fit Golf and Jetta's (and wagons) only
  20. gloaming

    FT: CR170 for stock turbo

    Thanks. I originally tried to offer up my whole exhaust system a few months back in exchange for a stock turbo and someone to install the stock exhaust/DPF, but no one took me up on that offer. I've since sold my stock exhaust/DPF, but if someone wanted to go from stock to stage 3 they can...