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    How Fast?

    On a Stage 2 Malone Tune with NO Deletes, I maxed out at 133mph (on a closed track of course 😉) There's still a speed limiter in place even with the tune and had plenty of revs left, but I have H-rated tires and seldom need to go above triple digit speeds so I'm ok with it. Bummer that even with...
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    Phoenix area TDI owners, post if you're still here

    long time lurker but I’m still here in the valley.
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    2014 Q5 TDI losing coolant suspecting water pump

    I picked up my Treg yesterday for oil and coolant leaks. All covered by the TDI warranty. The EGR cooler and the oil cooler was leaking both oil and coolant into the V but the coolant would dry before it made it to the ground. Lots of oil though. I was going through a reservoir of coolant every...
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    2015 Passat DSG tranny oil change

    DSG Funnel I've done both through the filter hole and down the bottom with the adapter. Through the filter takes almost an hour of standing by and adding 5L of fluid. I ended up buying the DSG adapter with funnel from IDparts and snake the tube from the top of the engine bay; takes less than 15...
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    is costco diesel good quality?

    Costco diesel is primarily what I use in both of my TDIs. It's the only Top Tier diesel around and supposedly has additives in it for better lubricity to protect the fuel system. The main reason I use Costco though is it's $0.70 cheaper than out in town and it's near me. $1.69 this week.
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    Wheels failed Road Force Balance. What to replace them with?

    I had 2 bad 19" Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season+ on my Touareg that had a Road force value greater than 35lbs that I had replaced under warranty. It took about 3 attempts from Discount Tire to balance them then I broke down and went to a enthusiast tire shop and got them properly balanced. The...
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    Mk4 Jetta Wagon to 2nd generation Touareg: is this a ludicrous upgrade?

    I have a 02 Golf TDI and a used 13 Touareg TDI. I put 45k miles on the Touareg so far in 2.5 years of ownership. Touareg has plenty of space for 4 and is very comfortable on road trips. MPG on the freeway is right on the sticker at 29mpg cruising at 70mph; about 660 miles on a tank. I use it to...
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    Mpg to expect

    2010 rated at 18 city, 24 hwy, combined 20mpg. You're not too far off. Make sure tire pressure is right per the door jamb sticker (39 PSI front/46PSI rear). Other than that, make sure your speed doesn't exceed 75mph tops. I have a 2013 Touareg TDI which gets as advertised 29mpg on the freeway...
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    ///// How safe are our cars in terms of Cornoa virus protection / HEPA filter? ////

    Drive with the recirculation on should cut out a lot of the outside air coming in.
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    Diesel @ $2.60 and Regular @ $1.40 per gallon.

    Costco by my house has diesel and regular priced the same at $1.89/gal. Diesel is generally cheaper than gas at Costco but out in town about $0.60/gal more. What sucks is if you go at the wrong time, even though there are 24 pumps, the wait can be long due to all the gasser vehicles saving...
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    2012 Front/Rear Diff Fluid Service

    Front and rear diff take synthetic 75w90, no friction modifier required since they are open diffs. ~0.8qts front, ~1.1qts rear. Center diff requires 0.7qts of G 052 536 A2, some aftermarket alternatives are available. I used Ravenol TF-0870 on my Touareg. Runs about $25.
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    2006 DSG Transmission problems

    When you did the DSG service, did you do the clutch adaptation reset? It resets and relearns the travel points for the two clutches. Always makes a tremendous difference every 40k miles; less hesitation, more direct feeling.
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    Front and Rear Differential fluid

    Front and rear diff take 75w90; 0.8qt for the front, 1.1qt for the rear. Transfer case take a specific fluid part number G 052 536 A2, 0.7qt. Transmission fluid part number is G 055 540 A2, 6.3qt refill spec but IIRC when I did mine on my Touareg (same transmission) that spec is to account...
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    Should interior light come on when hatch opens?

    My '02 does not turn on the interior passenger lights when opening the hatch, only the light in the trunk area. Hope this helps. The alarm going off might be from one of the door microswitches registering open for a brief second or check the hood sensor as that will trigger the alarm too. VCDS...
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    Q7 CATA vs CNRB engine reliability?

    I have a 13 Touareg with the CNRB. A big deciding factor for me between the two engines was the significant mpg increase on the highway and having two timing chains instead of four. I don't have any driving experience with the CATA. Per the sticker, the <12 Q7 gets 24mpg on the freeway; >13 gets...
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    Wanted: Q5 OEM Hitch

    Check out Good compromise between the US Style hitch receiver and the hidden look of a Euro hitch (not visible when not in tow).
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    Manual Headlight Switch Question

    No, the car does not have battery run down protection. Leaving the switch on with the car off will leave the parking lights on until the battery is flat. I've done this many times and I had to get in the habit of looking back at my car before I leave to make sure no lights are on. There is a...
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    Immobilizer Help

    Grounds were clean. I did leave the key in the ignition switched to on for more than 3 hours today while connected to a charger as suggested. No dice. Called the local TDI guru and he suggested an Immobilizer delete which I’m kind of iffy on doing. The alternative was buying a new cluster but...
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    Immobilizer Help

    Looking at what I posted from the scan as a whole, I might have a ground issue. I cleaned the grounds earlier this year so I'll have to make sure everything is snug in the morning.
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    Immobilizer Help

    My 02 Golf TDI is acting up and has me stumped. The immobilizer light (IMMO 3) is flashing and the car will not run as designed by the security system. Yes, battery is reading 12+ volts and about 2 years old. Things I have done so far: 1) Tried all three keys (including valet key) and all still...