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    '96 Passat TDI in Austin

    Not affiliated
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    '96 Wagon on craigslist in Austin

    Not affiliated, but I saw this today.
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    PSD mechanic in Round Rock?

    *deleted* *deleted by poster*
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    Jeep YJ with Cummins B3.3T

    Where did you pick up the engine? (I haven't gotten a chance to look at the page yet, so if you mentioned it in there, I apologize.) I'm looking at a 3.9 conversion, but I'd definitely consider a 3.3 instead if I could find a source.
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    Engine height/oil pan questions?

    From the floor?
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    Regarding Transmissions

    I just got this reply back from the US westfield retailer
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    Regarding Transmissions does have a rear diff. That's a good point about going through two differentials. I don't suppose there's any good way to "expose" the output shaft?
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    Regarding Transmissions doesn't seem optimal to use an AWD transmission for RWD; especially one where the diff is designed to be 100% FWD + slip sensing RWD. I was more wondering if there's a way to change the differential to be RWD only, and whether the cost would justify not going with some other make's...
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    Regarding Transmissions

    I'm looking at a longitudinal TDI swap into a RWD car (details currently withheld), and I was wondering whether there's a possiblity of using a passat or audi 4motion transmission without using the front-wheel drive; basically only hooking up the prop-shaft to run the back wheels. I'm asking...
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    Widespread B20 in Austin, Texas at Shell!!!

    It seems like it'd be somewhat of a supply-chain nightmare to have the gas stations managing the gas sales, with wag-a-bag just managing the convenience store aspect, but I suppose it's possible. Yeah...their world headquarters is a few hundred yards from my house. And the two Wag-a-bags...
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    Avus wheels have special VW valves?

    As far as I know the valves are universal. I often recommend people getting replacement tires to keep the valve stem caps, as VW includes special ones that allow you to get an air pressure reading without taking them off.
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    Cluster backlighting gone

    That is a good point, but in both of these situations, if that is indeed turned down, it indicates something else is wrong (since only one segment of the control lighting is not lit, and the rest is lit correctly).
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    Brake pads / rotors -- which ones?

    I put Mintex Red Box and Brembo on at all 4 wheels. After 4 weeks of driving (and I don't baby it) there's a HUGE difference between the amount of dust on my wheels and what the previous pads created; it's much better with the mintex. Edit: what I did notice is that when I get in my car after...
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    Cluster backlighting gone

    I can't give you any specific advice short of pulling the HVAC panel (I _think_ it's straightforward, but I've never pulled it by itself, only in the cage) and checking the wiring for breaks. I wonder if that wire is in series or in parallel with each lighted element; after finding out that a...
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    Cluster backlighting gone

    Start by checking the fuses! I didn't get a chance to check them last week; if I had, I might have saved myself ~6 hours of night driving without the cluster lighting!
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    Cluster backlighting gone

    And so, hopefully, that will be my problem as well. #23 is indeed out, and within the last 2 weeks my driver's side side marker bulb holder rusted out, and the wires got all trashed. I'll be stopping by the parts store on the way back to work. Thanks!
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    Cluster backlighting gone

    I figured it'd probably have something to do with that one. I checked the ground to the light switch as well this morning, and it's at 0V to ground. I'll have to make sure 7 is brown this afternoon :)
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    Cluster backlighting gone

    The needles and the numbers don't light up. All of the other cluster functions (lights, tach, speedo, clock, odo, gas, temp) still work with no issues.
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    Cluster backlighting gone

    I didn't check 26 and 27 (they seem to work :)) . 20 has 12V to chassis ground. 7 has ~1V to chassis ground, with a resistance of ~50K to chassis ground. 9 and 24 both had 0V to chassis ground, with 0 resistance to chassis ground. (I used a metal piece on the steering column for all grounds.)