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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    It's crossed my mind and what I have in there as a "temporary" fix is doing a great job. As much as I don't like getting under the car, I do like dropping the Panzer Plate every 10k miles and doing a visual inspection for any new problems that may have popped up since the last time I was under...
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Rotated tires. Completed an oil change. The threads on the drain pain stripped out - temporarily fixed to get it on the road so I could get to work but a new oil pan is in the near future to properly fix. Also replaced the starter. I knew the old one was weak but it's amazing how quick the...
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    FS: Used/In need of rebuild Bosch starter Mkiv Jetta 5spd 02A 911 024 D

    For sale: Bosch starter that came out of my Mkiv Jetta wagon with a O2J transmission. Starter will crank the motor and start it but its just really weak and in need of a rebuild. Part number 02A 911 024 D. $50 shipped to your door
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    Exhaust In The Cabin

    I’ll second checking the EGR. My car would smell of exhaust when it would first start and then I started getting a whistle from under the hood. My lower EGR pipe was broken clean in two. Replaced it and problem has gone away.
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    My Mkiv wagon no longer sounds like a tea kettle. The lower EGR pipe had cracked clean in two. Swapped it out with a known good one from a part out along with new gaskets and pinch nuts and it sounds much better now. Surprisingly, the job went very smoothly - almost too smoothly - so I'm...
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    FS: BEW Parts for sale - THREAD IS CLOSED

    PM'd for parts if still available
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Technically yesterday but just now getting to post. Cleaned and vacuumed the interior (including disinfecting the interior), cleaned the windows, and washed the exterior. For just driving the car back and forth to work it's amazing how dirty it can get. I also made an appointment to get the...
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Ran a can of diesel purge through the injectors hoping it would fix the smoke above 3k rpm/rough running I’ve been having. I looked at block 13 in VCDS and found that the cylinder 3 injector is running at nearly +2 and the others are trying to compensate. Did some research here and found several...
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    Upper intercooler to hard pipe hose (BEW)

    Follow-up/resolution: I heard back from ID Parts and indeed the lower pancake pipe to intercooler hose is the same as the upper intercooler to hard pipe hose.
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    What updates/upgrades made you LOVE your TDI?

    Tighten up the “nut” behind the wheel first lol. That piece of advice was shared with me when I first started driving and it’s proved true. Take a couple of high performance driving schools and it will amaze you how much harder you can push your car even when it’s completely stock. Then, with...
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    Upper intercooler to hard pipe hose (BEW)

    I will do that. Thank you gentleman!
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    Upper intercooler to hard pipe hose (BEW)

    Recently my MKIV BEW has started to put out black smoke under 1/2 throttle to WOT and power has seemed slightly off above 3k RPM which isn't normal for the car. Scanned with vag-com and no codes. I checked all the intercooler plumbing as recommended here and found that the connection of the...
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Checked the tire pressure before leaving work this morning. Car has been running really well recently and with the stay at home order I’ve only filled up once in the last 4 weeks (only driving 80mi round trip to work 2x a week). We also paid off my wife’s car last week so it’s nice looking...
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    Power Steering Rack Replacement

    The sway bar bushings are also a lot easier to replace with the rack out. I did those while I had my rack out and it was super easy.
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    $2.16 for 50 Cetane SuperGold Premium at Southern States in Frederick MD.
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    What did you do to your TDI today, during the coronavirus shelter-at-home?

    Replaced the driver side wing mirror cap. There were some crazy high wind gusts on my way home from work Friday morning and the cap came straight off. Made quick drive out to my local U-pull-it junkyard and got a mirror cap off another TDI wagon. Most of the good stuff was already pulled off the...