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    TDI Wrangler

    Ya my Liberty is lifted 3" and has 32" mud tires, I'm happy with 21-23 mpg in it, that low end torque is alot better for towing trailers vs the high end power of the TDI.
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    TDI Wrangler

    My liberty is at 250k as well, still runs great though. It takes alot to move this brick wall (Wrangler) over 70 mph, but under that I get 24-28, over 70 drops me to 20-22, but I was getting 9-10 mpg with the 4.0l before the swap. There's alot of hills and 30-50 mph headwinds in Wyoming.
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    TDI Wrangler

    Ha ha I also have a 2.8l Liberty. The Liberty has more low end torque especially with the green diesel tune for towing and 4x4, but the TDI in my Wrangler quickly leaves it in the dust over 2500 RPM. Liberty is about the same weight as my Wrangler with all the body and undercarriage armor
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    TDI Wrangler

    Clutch Job Well the clutch was almost new when I did the swap so I just left it in, but it's been over 2 years now and I lost the throwout bearing, as indicated by the balls in the bellhousing ha ha. I was actually excited to see how it would work to slide the engine forward in my large engine...
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  9. Clutch Job

    Clutch Job

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    TDI Wrangler

    The intercooler is an air to air, universal 8core measures about 18" wide by 16" tall, 5" deep. There's a ton of room in front of the radiator on these TJs. It's about 2-3 times the size of the factory mk4 intercooler. Radiator is a 4 core TJ radiator
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    Can't Keep It Running

    Only other thing I could think of would be the pump out of timing, but you didn't even mess with the pump correct?
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    TDI Wrangler

    The jeep already had the expensive lift and roll cage when I bought it, but had been rolled over off roading. I covered all the dents with body armor and then started my swap. I do wish there was a little more room inside but its small enough it doesn't mind the 70-80mph speeds with hills...
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    TDI Wrangler

    Ya for sure, it actually burns clean after about 1500 rpm, just takes a minute to spool up with the miles of intercooler piping. I need lower gears in the axles too for these big tires. It's all helping to prolong my boost lag. But yes a bigger turbo will come eventually.
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    TDI Wrangler

    Well I have a stage 4 malone tune, about 2ft of 3" exhaust lol, I believe the 520 injectors, head studs, and really big radiator/intercooler/air filter and all associated plumbing. Unfortunately budget constraints have me using a factory turbo that probably wont hold up for long, but its does...
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    TDI Wrangler

    I have 4.10s now, with 35" tires its still rolling to fast to crawl over rocks and do alot of the off roading I like thats slower. the RPMs also aren't high enough to hold speed uphill in 5th on the highway. Im about to go to 4.88s. Im at 2400 rpm at 75 mph, if I get the rpm's up to 2800-3000...
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    TDI Wrangler
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    TDI Wrangler

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    TDI Wrangler

    2 years ago I swapped an ALH into a 97 TJ, pretty big jeep with alot of extra metal on it so it's working the ALH pretty good. I did it all so fast never really took notes, but I'm still working out alot of details now. 10k miles on the swap and I'm ready to do another one ha ha. Anyways if...
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    97 Wrangler TDI

    Here's another video of it pulling a big tree out of the way
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    Max EGT temperature on TDi's

    Ya from what I'm reading the vnt17 isn't even big enough to do anything, and most bigger ones are just out of my budget. Gotta have to watch for a used one I guess.