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    ALH Quality Water Pump?

    Thanks Indigo. I really appreciate your info. Love IDIParts. Its kept my 2000 ALH alive so far. Keep up the good work!
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    ALH Quality Water Pump?

    Metal impeller. According to Dieselgeek back in 2009, it was German made too.
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    ALH Quality Water Pump?

    So, I had a bad habit of stocking up parts for my ALH. Apparently, I have a new old stock LASO water pump from 2005. Bought it from Dieselgeek who no longer sells it. Is it safe to install or should a source a different one? Any thoughts you wise folks?
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    Laso Water Pump

    I wonder why they no longer sell in NA and why DG stopped carrying them
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    Laso Water Pump

    So i was going through my parts stash and seem to have a Laso Water Pump for an ALH. I see that they are no longer sold in the USA. I believed I received this from DG back in 2005? Any anectdoctal stories? I did a search on here I did find one where a LASO pump lost its freeze plug and caused...
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    Did both front calipers, used motive bleeder, now have squishy pedal (03 tdi manual )

    i think its normal for the brake pedal to go to the floor on the first press after doing all that stuff. Did you just try to pump the brakes up several times? When you compress the caliper, this leaves a gap between the brake pads and the rotor. If it didn't, it would be very hard to get the...
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    Advice needed for A/C repair options

    I find that this site, is pretty helpful in diagnosing auto ac issues. -edfcmc
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    tdi frost heater uninstall

    actually, i double clamped the hose and that solved my issues. so i;ll be keeping the frostheater.
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    TRW Tie rod ends HELP

    Try a differnt angle hard to tell, but take a picture from the mounting point to the knuckle. That would be more informative than the the side that connects to the rod.
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    Anyone want to hazard a guess on value?

    What does "unchained" mean?
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    wtB (two) tan mkiv windows cranks

    but was hoping somebody who was parting out a broken mkiv with manual windows might have two tan windows cranks laying around.
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    Timing belt damage bought from (Prothe)

    I wonder what his failure rate is on his parts: IP timing belts turbos
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    Best new Battery for 2000 Jetta TDI in cold climates?

    York, can you post a model #?
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    How F'ed am I now?

    That sucks Shouse. Looks like you've put in a lot of time and upgrades in that TDI. Out of curiosity, what parts did you purchase when the TB got changed? Did the guru source them or did you? Just curious.
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    tdi frost heater uninstall

    That is a good Idea JasonP. I guess i will do that If I cant find the oem type hoses. Update: 1J0121086AQ Looks like I found it:
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    tdi frost heater uninstall

    ok so i bought a tdi frostheater many years ago wben i thought i was moving to a very cold climate. fast foward, i have a heated garage and my frost heater leaks like a sieve around the clamps. Anyway, i want to remove and uninstall, but the install process required me to cut some hoses. What...
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    Wanted: AC Mechanic or Recommendation (Raleigh NC area, 2001 Golf)

    hmm, worked when lots of airflow? the only thing left affected by airflow is the condensor which maybe clogged enough to not work with the fans but just enough when lots of air flow. If it is a parraell flow condensor, those things are hard to flush. I would ask the folks over at the car ac...
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    AC Problem (Evaporator Freeze up)

    thanks for the update. It will really help those who search and can see a solution at the end of the journey. as am fyi, here is what i picked from a forum dedicated to automotive a/c issues (at least for a 2k tdi): Refrigerant capacity: 26.0-27.8 ounces. 80 Degrees ambient. Low Side...
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    Review of Chinese DVD/NAV factory look-alike head unit

    can you post a link to a similar unit on ebay for a frame of reference?
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    Drive Axle Flange Seal

    check here If you ignore the vr6 108mm flange upgrade, this howto actually shows the seals being pulled and replaced in the middle of the upgrade. I hope it helps.