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  1. PradoTDI

    Volkswagen part numbering system

    For part number lookup might be a good resource. They don’t appear to stock many VW parts but seem to have fairly complete part number listings and diagrams. Can’t comment on their accuracy for VW but they’re my go-to for parts for my 32 year old JDM Toyota LandCruiser.
  2. PradoTDI

    FS (not mine): 2003 Jetta ALH Sedan - Livingston, MT

    Gone already. Wasn’t cheap for a 21 year old car but it looked like it was really well taken care of.
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    My dad's first vehicle was a 1970 VW Bus, which he still has. I have many fond memories of family camping trips in the Bus. It was still our family's daily driver into the late 1990's.
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    My brother and I had a 1965 Volvo 122S a couple of years ago, bought it out of an 18+ year hibernation and got it back on the road before selling it. The car has since undergone a complete, nut and bolt restoration and is a stunning example of the model. My more recent project was a 1975...
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  6. PradoTDI

    Second swap done. 1994 Jeep XJ PD150/ALH hybrid, GTD1756, 280 injectors, HGM Compushift for AW4

    Same here! My best was 29mpg, but lifetime average over the past 60k km is about 23.5mpg. Granted, my rig is quite heavy for an ALH at around 5000lbs, I have a rooftop tent and most of the highway driving I do is at 75mph.
  7. PradoTDI

    Second swap done. 1994 Jeep XJ PD150/ALH hybrid, GTD1756, 280 injectors, HGM Compushift for AW4

    I'll be curious to see what your long-term fuel economy looks like on it. How much does the Jeep weigh? I have a TDI in my LandCruiser and while it is a heavy rig I still think I could be getting better mileage.
  8. PradoTDI

    Sidekick/ 1.9l TDI swap

    If you're going with a Toyota transmission I would highly recommend buying the adapter plate kit from someone other than ACME. Theirs have a history of having runout that will eat clutches and transmission internals. I got lucky in how long mine lasted compared to others, I got around 7500 miles...
  9. PradoTDI

    Tdi acme adapter to w56 runout woes

    Little update on the effects of engine/transmission runout in an adapter plate. This is my second clutch, a Centerforce II rated for around 370ft-lbs and installed a little under 25k miles ago. Signifiant wear on the pressure plate fingers and throwout bearing, retainers for the clutch hub...
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  15. PradoTDI

    Engine to Transaxle Dowel Pins

    Looking for the part number or source for the dowel pins/sleeves that locate the ALH to its transaxle. There should be two sleeves that fit in the counterbored holes on the lower corners of the engine block just above the oil pan. Looks like they have an OD of 16.4mm, a depth of approximately...
  16. PradoTDI

    TDIClub Secret Society of Benz Owners (SSBO)

    The W460 was a Euro-spec rig that I bought in Alberta and imported. Had 7.5mm pump elements, SD314 injector nozzles, a Holset HX30, and a bunch of other mods I can’t recall off the top of my head.
  17. PradoTDI

    TDIClub Secret Society of Benz Owners (SSBO)

    I sold my Mercedes-Benz diesel this fall, figured a 1975 W115 300D wasn't quite suitable for Montana winter driving. My previous MB diesel was a 1988 300GD. Probably the most fun vehicle I've had, and definitely the one I miss owning the most.
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  20. PradoTDI

    how many miles have you racked up on your TDI?

    Been driving @TDIfahrvergnugen's 2001 Jetta since the clutch in my TDI Land Cruiser went out a couple of weeks ago. It turned over 380k miles last weekend.