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    06 sunroof shade upholstery loose

    My sunroof upholstery is also coming loose. Now I'm wondering if when VW changed my headliner out due to the issue with the rear pillars pealing if they updated the sunroof too.
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    sunroof acting strange

    I have had the same issue. Have come out the next morning to find it open, thankfully it didn't rain overnight.
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    Took a shovel to the grill =/ Time to PlastiDip!

    70MPH on the freeway and a bouncing shovel hit the front grill. While I had the grill out to repair the split bumper I decided to PlastiDip it flat black. It turned out good enough that I now want to delete the rest of the chrome on the car (wheels too). Anyone PlastiDip their wheels? I'm...
  4. Shovel to the grill

    Shovel to the grill

    Shovel to the grill pic 5, grill installed and Plastidipped.
  5. Shovel to the grill

    Shovel to the grill

    Shovel to the grill pic 4, start of project PlastiDip
  6. Shovel to the grill

    Shovel to the grill

    Shovel to the grill pic 3
  7. Shovel to the grill

    Shovel to the grill

    Shovel to the grill pic 2
  8. Shovel to the grill

    Shovel to the grill

    Shovel to the grill pic 1
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    Oil Drain Plug?

    New Fumoto valve that eliminates the need to add washers to orient the valve correctly FWIW, ordering one today for my 2006 TDI...
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    passenger side window, lock, and mirror don't work

    Check the wiring harness in the drivers door, at the point where it bends each time you open your door (you might need to open the rubber cover to see it), bet you find a wire that has cracked.
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    Delayed Air Conditioning

    Agreed! How do we gang up and start rattling cages??
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    DIY on removing both fans?

    Search this forum, there is a thread on how to open up and repair the fans yourself and get more life out of them.
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    Difference between going 100km/h vs 120km/h

    I recently did a trip from Dallas/Ft. Worth to Indianapolis and back, staying right at 10mph over the speed limit which put me at 80-85mph most of the trip and still managed to average 41mpg. Love this car. On a side note, I just got back from Germany where I had a chance to push my crappy...
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    Multiple door lock problem driving me crazy

    That's probably the issue. Check behind the rubber boot and see if you can tell if your wires are cracked. If they are this is likely the cause. This is a known issue, the original harness is too short putting stress on the wires to the point they ultimately fail.
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    How many time can your keyfob go through the wash?

    Wife approaches me the other day and says "I accidentally washed your keys, but they still work!". I think arrrgghhhh no, don't push the button!!! And immediately pull them apart, pull the battery out, and throw them in a bag of rice to wick out the moisture (plenty of water made it all the...
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    No Power to drivers door on 06 Jetta-FIX

    I realize this may be a short-term fix, but I used a fish tape to pull two new wires in (the largest two wires are the ones that broke) and soldered them in place giving plenty of slack so they aren't stressed. It was a hassle, next time I will order the harness and do it right, but we will see...
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    Headliner repair

    Check out this thread:
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    Broken windshield wiper fluid tube ...

    I have nozzle heaters, doesn't get that cold here though so I don't really think I need them. Any worries just cutting the wires and using the clear tubing fix?
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    No Power to drivers door on 06 Jetta-FIX

    My door decided to give me issues at the worst time. Honeymooning in Estes Park CO and I notice the auto-up on the window isn't working right, next day it's dead. I was able to MacGyver it enough to pop the fuel door open. You don't realize how much you take rolling a window down for granted...
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    Replacing the DMF in a DSG

    I have a 2006 with 84k miles on it now and have noticed it does not shift as smooth as it used to. How long before I need to replace or is this something I should do immediately?