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    FS: Blue A4 Trunk door

    I have an extra trunk door I got while mine was getting fixed, it's a 99.5 style. it doesn't have the safety escape latch. I have the hinges, and most of the internal parts. The only parts that are missing is the linkage mechanism that connects the door latch and the key linkage. No dents that I...
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    1Z into B5/B6 A4 Audi? Possible?

    The main part your gonna have issues with is splicing a Mk3 engine what was on a MK3 harness with a newer harness. One of the issues is the CAN bus, the best bet for you is to find a wire diagram for the 1Z, found in like a bentley manual. And then find one for a B6. If you plan on keeping the...
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    Festiva TDI possibilities

    The project isn't a Tooef, There is someone on here that has a Username similar and he wanted to put a 3 cylinder kubota in a geo metro.... never happened though. 3 cylinder would be best for a festiva, this guy can get them Otherwise...
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    PD engine Class Action Lawsuit

    If It's really "mangled" up, they probably were using castrol syntec in it, that is what alot of them are using cause they "think" it is right. It's not, won't protect in this and you will get cam failure, just cause it's 5w-40, doesn't mean it's 505.01 approved. Like I said, this is a dealer...
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    The Mysterious Vanishing GP Recall...

    No unfortunetly they didn't put it on the invoice, apparently from what I understand it's a bit of a beta test, Like I had stated, the german engineers actually in germany remoted into their computer and did some stuff and eventually put a version on the ECU to use ceramic again. When I get a...
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    PD engine Class Action Lawsuit

    Your case is against the Dealer, not against VW. The dealer is Franchised thru Vw, Which means it's "supposed" to Do what VW governs, however quite a few are that incompetent with the Diesel they just do a bad job and don't care. The PD engine was first put into comission in year 2000 in europe...
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    The Mysterious Vanishing GP Recall...

    Funny you mention that. Our Passat was having the same as everyone else. Really stumbly and such, and I had written up some instructions for my mom to start it. But she has warranty left. She took it to the Dealer and they obviously were stumped what to do. But I had mentioned that she should...
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    The Mysterious Vanishing GP Recall...

    Maybe VW's fix for this is waiting till winters over! :mad: How long did it take JEff to write up coding for this issue? And yet a firm of engineers cannot figure this out for over 2 months. Wonder what VWAG is doing?
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    Instrament cluster replacement

    Them crazy Ricers basically reverse engineered the dongle and are using a hacked version of software. They recreated the dongle so it will work with the original's software. They didn't hav eto pay for engineering, testing, and creation and time of the unit so they get to reap the benefits of...
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    The Mysterious Vanishing GP Recall...

    Wasn't sure who said this, I think Brian or Glen Mentioned this in past thread, But on My ALH, when it's cold out and I know it, Even if the light goes out, i still wait like a additional 4 or 5 seconds cause to my understanding, the glowplugs do turn off when the light goes out, I believe it's...
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    Scirocco tdi

    The Way the Vw call Center is they certaintly don't feel the customer is always right. I wonder if anyone has ever gotten what they needed thru them without taking further external action?:o
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    How do we feel about the W8 Passat?

    It's a good car to swap a TDi into cause it's Fully loaded!:p
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    How do we feel about the W8 Passat?

    The Problem with the W8 and the V10 Tow-rag is that the engine's internal parts are not orderable, if for some reason you dropped a valve from a cam, you have to buy a new engine, you can't order a piston or anything like that, same with the V10. It stinks, Maybe VW doesn't trust their own...
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    Touareg Test Drive

    Unfortunetly, It won't let you from the factory cause of liability issues to VW if the Driver is catching glimpes and causes a traffic issue. However, there are aftermarket things that will bypass this, at least for the older NAv units, not sure if one is out yet for the RNS-510 NAV
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    2005 TDI - keep or not?

    That's not unusual for the dealer to screw up on giving you the wrong oil, castrol syntec is what they usually THOUGHT but it's not in 505.01 spec, that would explain your failure. As far as the torque converter, if the torque converter isn't getting the right fluid in the converter, it will...
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    F.S. European Wood/Leather Steering Wheel

    You have to buy one from a dealer, or maybe find one in a junk yard, if the other 3 spoke bags even fit, you'd have to check to see if there part numbers cross reference.
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    Diesel vs. Hybrid

    I lost count of how many Hon-DUH's and TOYota's I've seen sitting on the side of the highways and on tow trucks. But I recently see one New Beetle on a flat bed, and that's all I've ever seen that I can recall wasn't wrecked. And plus I prefer a car that has a body that last more than a few...
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    Key blanks

    Are these original Key blanks?
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    B5.5 fuel milage?

    Yes it does, The Cetane gives the Diesel more of a bang, which in turn requires less fuel to push the piston down when fuel has more cetane. Your best bet is to find stations that use Gold diesel, and/or use a additive like power service, The gray plastic bottle increases the cetane more than...
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    WTT: TDI US Sport Face for Euro Sport Face

    Yea, to my knowledge the new sport face only is only 160 MPH. Where you looking for one?