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    Very frequent regeneration

    Thanks 740GLE - will check into both these links. I will let everybody as we go along.
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    Very frequent regeneration

    Correct - 210k miles with no DPF changes. In the diesel world how often does the DPF need to be changed out?
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    Very frequent regeneration

    Thanks and will look into that.
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    Very frequent regeneration

    Just hit 210k miles on my 2015. Last 10k the regens are becoming quite frequent at every 80mi - prior to this they were about every 200-300mi. No engine codes yet. Mileage is going down fast. Might the differential pressure be triggering this and is the filter not working as efficiently? Any...
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    MPG impressions on 2015 Golf so far

    Yeah - the 'variety of issues' for the increased DPF regens could get expensive trying to hunt down the culprit. No engine light yet.
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    MPG impressions on 2015 Golf so far

    Can tell when the rpm at idle rises to 1000 rpm (usually at 700-800 rpm) and also when the mpg drop. Regen is about 10-15min.
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    MPG impressions on 2015 Golf so far

    Coming up on 200k miles - have tracked all fill-ups on Fuelly. Average has been 48.3mpg over 192k. Have even got 2 or 3 - 700mi tanks. The last couple fill-ups have had DPF cycle on every 100mi rather than the normal 300mi. Is the DPF due for replacement? - any other possible culprits? Thanks...
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    MPG impressions on 2015 Golf so far

    Not as bad as that. Happened on the second last day of vacation the warning came up that only 200 miles till car will not start - no warning before that. Filled the AdBlue tank and still got the same warning. So the next day drove the last 950 miles back home in one go - fuelling with the...
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    MPG impressions on 2015 Golf so far

    47.9 Mpg @ 136k Average 47.9 mpg over 237 fill ups, 136269 miles All pump measured on Fuelly Winter drops to 44mpg due to the cold and fuel Interstate runs at 75-80 mph drops it to 43mpg also Phase 2 fix dropped mileage by about 0.7 mpg Running well Some fixes so far: Water pump leaking and...
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    Mk7 Common issues and resolutions

    Backup Camera Sticking Anybody have the backup camera sticking during cold weather (temps below 10F)? A bit annoying since you can't open the hatch when this happens. Usually clears itself when the car or weather warms up - couple times this winter it was stuck for days. Spring is almost...
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    Who has a Water Pump go bad?

    Another Water Pump Failure This one at 63k miles - noticed that I had to fill up the reservoir couple of months ago and dealership says its leaking. Probably change the timing belt also. I had thought of having the fix - now maybe just do the buyback. Our 2003 Jetta has taken four...
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    Not getting the emissions fix?

    The comments I have seen, have indicated that with the 'Fix - Act I' there are significantly more regens and the AdBlue consumption is up. From the 60k miles driven so far, everytime I have a regen my trip mileage drops 4-5 mpg. Thus if there are more regens - lower mileage. I am holding...
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    No more Diesel for US from VW

    Another PizzaGate conspiracy nutjob. We will all be living like China with our charcoal facemasks as foreshadowed by Trump's EPA pick.
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    2015 Golf TDI sets new US mileage record - 81.17 mpg

    81mpg? Are they allowed to use draft vehicles? I would assume sitting behind a semi at 55mph for some portions of the trip would really help you get there.
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    MKVII has no traction control 'Off' Switch?

    Thanks Nutty - thats exactly what I was looking for. It will be the first thing I install. Why would VW drop the ASR 'Off' switch to begin with - also wonder if it is the same in Europe?
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    MKVII has no traction control 'Off' Switch?

    Thanks MCDub. So you have to go through 5 menu screens to get the traction control turned off - as you lose your momentum (throttle shut off) going up the 2 mile ice covered hill. Stability Control I can unerstand not being able to turn off - but you need to be able to turn the Traction Control...
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    MKVII has no traction control 'Off' Switch?

    Can anyone confirm that the MKVII has no traction control 'Off' switch. How do you get up a slippery slope in the winter? My 20th Anniversary GTI even with studded Hakkas needs the traction control turned off to get up some steep slopes.
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    VW says AWD SportWagen coming in 2016

    VW USA must have the worst marketing departments ever. For example their non-strategy for bringing over AWD VW Golf or Jetta Wagons has been that either US people don't want small cars just SUVs (introduction of Toureag) or that it will eat into their Audi quattro sales. Result Subaru sales...
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    Golf Alltrack

    So VW again dangles the carrot of the All-Track TDI and then snatches it away. More than half the Sportswagens sold are TDI based and now take away the only distinctive value you have. VW fail again - idiots. Never lead rather follow Subaru to the table with a similar product - your not going...