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    Mk7 parts and accessories for sale

    Thanks Mike. Picked up a 2016 Willy's wrangler , my back has been bothering me for over a year a getting in and out of a small car doesn't help, I'm sure you can appreciate that. You should take my floor mats they are amazing and save your carpet huge

    Mk7 parts and accessories for sale

    Good evening folks, haven't been on much in the past year but I'm here to inform you I am out of the VW scene entirely and on to something else. I've traded in the 2015 and getting rid of some parts I purchased from the dealer and other vendors. Set of 4 WeatherTech floor mats , great...

    Anyone received money yet from VW Canada?

    Got mine 2 weeks ago and spent em both already. Got another set in the mail today lol

    MPG impressions on 2015 Golf so far

    One trip this week of 40 miles netted me 70.3 mpg

    Mk7 Common issues and resolutions

    Yes its normal, they will start to decrease between miles as the burns off oils and what not from manufacturing processes and the engine breaks in . I did notice every 100 km when mine was new, now I don't notice anymore at 29,000 km

    Mk7 Common issues and resolutions

    Anyone notice water in the rear passenger floor area after a rain or car wash? Been getting this now for a few months and going to dealer shortly. Seem as though it's coming in between the door and door panel itself and sits on top of the seal then runs down carpet...

    What's with diesel price now?

    Macs off Huron road is always the cheapest in KW Git it for the same price yesterday

    Seatbelt light and chime...

    Happens when I place my phone on the seat while charging

    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    If you plan on making them winter wheels just plastidip them and forget about it, doo doo happens
  10. JASONP

    Mk7 Common issues and resolutions

    It's nothing, don't worry about it ;)
  11. JASONP

    Will you please look at my vcds images and advise on IQ?

    Timing looks a bit off,should be around the 70 mark,all else looks reasonable
  12. JASONP

    Oil Sensor Warning!
  13. JASONP

    Need advice from someone who is in Canada about burning oil

    How much is a bit? Please explain . I've had an 01 Jetta that burned about 1l every 16,000 km and an 02 Golf that burned about 1/2l every 16,000 km. Burning a "bit" of oil is of no concern, burning a lot is.
  14. JASONP

    What's with diesel price now?

    It's still cheaper than what we pay
  15. JASONP

    What's with diesel price now?

    Truth 7-8 months ago crude was approximately $100 a barrel with diesel price around $1.15 +/- Today crude is about $60 a barrel with diesel around $1.10 Corporate greed wins again
  16. JASONP

    How would you rate the speed of TDIClub?

    I have other forums in Tapatalk and TDI CLUB was the only one to take over 3 minutes to load a page,all others less than 10 seconds
  17. JASONP

    Quick! Car Fuel Economy Survey! Help me do my homework!

    I took survey as well but what does the last question have to do with fuel economy? ???
  18. JASONP

    VCDS like software for Jeep Wrangler

    Haha good to know thanks !! For that price I can swap the entire sound system and head unit and have it installed :) Thanks for your valued input
  19. JASONP

    VCDS like software for Jeep Wrangler

    Is this software available to the general public or have to be a registered business to obtain it? I'm assuming it's an obd - serial or usb cable like vcds as well
  20. JASONP

    VCDS like software for Jeep Wrangler

    Looking to add backup camera to the gf's 2011 Wrangler and need to enable VIM for it all to work. Anyone know of such a product that is as capable as VCDS? I did find a few kits that have a flash dongle to enable it but the kit is over $500 and I can do this for under $100 provided I can get the...