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    2011 Stage 2+ 335d 90k miles North Carolina

    Nice, I just moved back to Raleigh and searching for jobs atm. Hope I can land something soon to be able to consider this. Do you or any third parties want to chime in on the bmw automatic being able to handle this much torque? Didn't see mention of it anywhere.
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    Appalachian Diesel Works GTG Oct 20 AVL, NC

    Lurking this thread from my new home in Finland. I'm missing going to GTGs and enjoying the mountains during the fall (and owning a TDI). Ya'll have fun!
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    FS: 2003 Jetta GL TDI 5M

    SOLD! Thanks sundownz!
  4. 03 Jetta rear

    03 Jetta rear

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    FS: 2003 Jetta GL TDI 5M

    I took a bunch of new photos yesterday 7/21/12. Thanks!
  6. 03 Jetta 6

    03 Jetta 6

  7. 03 Jetta 5

    03 Jetta 5

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    FS: 2003 Jetta GL TDI 5M

  9. 03 Jetta 1

    03 Jetta 1

  10. 03 Jetta 3

    03 Jetta 3

  11. 03 Jetta 4

    03 Jetta 4

  12. th_2012-06-07_20-20-31_493


  13. 03 Jetta 2

    03 Jetta 2

  14. th_0525092005a


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    FS: 2003 Jetta GL TDI 5M

    Car is being sold to a friend. Thanks guys! Edit 07/17/12 - he punked out of buying the car, something about going back to school and his wife saying no.
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    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    Was hoping to move to a 20k mi OCI, but the car will belong to someone else before I get the chance.
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    RDU Area gurus?

    Yeah, Auto Werks left me hanging for over two weeks with a bad injection pump head seal a few years back. I told them exactly what was wrong with it, but they ignored me and looked for other problems. Ended up having to take my car back and risk replacing the pump head seal myself. Luckily I...
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    FS: 2003 Jetta GL TDI 5M

    Awesome! I'm going to Aalto University School of Chemical Technology and my girlfriend is going to work on a PhD at University of Helsinki in Forestry. Where in NC are you?
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    FS: 2003 Jetta GL TDI 5M

    Bump - Changed the oil, filter, air filter, cabin filter, and fuel filter last weekend. Filled new fuel filter with diesel purge w/0.25 tank of fuel, and oil sample sent to blackstone for analysis. Car at 141.5k mi after trip to Georgia this week.