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    Bay Area Guru?

    European Auto Repair is by far the best choice. Griffin does excellent work, but they are not cheap. Karmakanix was sold to HB. They used to be my go to. AVS is another option. Again, European Auto Repair on Fernside and High in Alameda is the best choice for local independent shops. GTGs...

    Need VCDS scanner is east bay

    My key shop is in Berkeley. I have VCDS HEX CAN.

    (Q) tdi swap in California (how to be approved by state referee)

    This is very simple. If you ask, the answer is no. If you as has been suggested, it will very likely work out. If it doesn't, who cares. Register the vehicle in either OR, AZ, or NV and be done with it.

    Good East Bay TDI Mechanics?

    Albert said the same thing to me, many years ago. I asked nicely and I supplied parts. We got to know each other fairly well as he did quite a bit of work on my car. I concern myself more with a mechanics aptitude then I do with the posted labor rate. The mechanics at European Auto have a very...

    Good East Bay TDI Mechanics?

    Locally, a timing belt is likely to be fourteen to seventeen hundred at any reputable independent repair shop. That is just the cost of doing business in CA. I will never understand those who fail to comprehend that a business can not possibly pay a living wage unless they charge enough money to...

    Oregon diesel

    Trains run on diesel. Trucks run on diesel. We are long way from replacing diesel powered trucks with electric powered trucks. Take a moment and think about the number of things in your life and the number of things that you consume every day that were delivered by truck and/or train. Think...

    Oregon diesel

    How are trucks going to deliver anything and everything if D2 is not readily available?

    Guru maybe come to my place. Anyone need work done ?

    Did you already do your TB? My Jetta, my son's really, is coming due. He is up near Davis and I am down the East Bay. A 1998 is easy money for those in the know. I would be happy to pay cash.

    Bay Area Meetups?

    I'm in...especially if there is a guru present...
  10. NFSTDI

    Bye California, it's been nice.

    Matt, Sorry to hear that you have left, you will be missed. Glad to hear that you are making what is likely the best decision for you, Dee and, your family. Please let us all know if you set up shop in OR. My Jetta is due for a TB. My son and I would be happy to drive up. At this point, it...
  11. NFSTDI

    Good East Bay TDI Mechanics?

    Karmakanix was owned by Steve for many years. I believe he was the founder. When he retired he sold the business to a local BMW specialty shop. I stopped going there a few years ago, before Steve retired. When my favorite service advisor moved over to Griffin, they changed how they handled...
  12. NFSTDI

    Warning- CA residents with TDI tuning- You might fail your next SMOG check

    In CA, all vehicles that burn gasoline have been subjected to SMOG tests every two years. Some years back, Diesels vehicles with a manufacture date after 1997 are also subject to SMOG checks every two years. My 1998 Jetta TDI with RC2/3 has only had problems on two occasions. The first time, it...
  13. NFSTDI

    Vag Com Bay Area CA

    You might check with Matt. He is a very nice man and an outstanding mechanic. Matt-98AHU I have VCDS. You can swing by my shop but, I have zero knowledge when it comes to how to do what you want to do. Longs Locksmiths 1140 University Avenue Berkleley CA 94702 510-841-4806 Tom
  14. NFSTDI

    Any Ideas on the next Bay Area GTG?

    Sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation...
  15. NFSTDI

    Matt Phelan/Matt-98AHU now wrenching in San Anselmo

    Matt, U DA MAN! Driving my Mark III is so much more pleasurable now that you installed that awesome Mark IV shifter! DUDE, U ROCK!
  16. NFSTDI

    Any Ideas on the next Bay Area GTG?

    Driving a TDI is not mandatory. Zippy showed up with her new Subaru, a while back. Once you are a member of the family, you are family for life. In fact, I may have to induct my son, soon. Looks like I will be lending him my TDI, for a while and driving the Cabrio I gave his older sister...when...
  17. NFSTDI

    Matt Phelan/Matt-98AHU now wrenching in San Anselmo

    Who needs a GTG when you can go see Matt and Dee any day of the week. You guys rock!
  18. NFSTDI

    Feeler - SF Bay Area/ NorCal fall GTG

    How many years has it been? I remember my first GTG, it was the infamous GTG that Pete did a record number of TBs at Jonathan's house...or was it the one where Jeff tuned my car...I dunno, been so damn long... These many years Andrew has hosted have been amazing. I only wish I had been able to...
  19. NFSTDI

    The affects of Waste Vegetable oil on TDI's

    Great responses, thank you! I do agree, proper design, good choice of vehicles, etc., are going to be factors in success and longevity. I do understand about pumps, but unless I buy a different vehicle, the pumps I have are the pumps I have. Knowing what I know now, my next vehicle will likely...
  20. NFSTDI

    The affects of Waste Vegetable oil on TDI's

    OK, so I am going resurrect a dinosaur. I have an E300TD with a single tank Elsbett kit. I bought it that way. After significant research, and some less than satisfactory experience wasting money on repairs, after running BioD in my prized TDI, I decided to do the smart thing. I bought a cheap...