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  1. Vekke

    Setting up TDI torsion value for best FE

    I have done vast research over 1000 km just test driving and setups on tdi timing or torsion value as it is said on vag tdi. I made a custom program that injects same amount of fuel 16mg/stroke all the time for full rev range on a 1.4TDI which is 3 cylinder diesel engine. So its not exactly...
  2. Vekke

    Audi A8 D2 1.2 TDI?

    Audi A8 D2 1.2 E-TDI Hi, I finally was able to buy my next project car and its 1997 Audi A8 with 2.5 TDI and 6 speed manual gearbox. Target for this car is to reach 3liter fuel consumption at 100 km/h speed (78 MPG us at 62 MPH) Project pictures can be found...
  3. Vekke

    1.2 TDI tuning/info

    This is mainly related for ANY and AYZ engine codes information. The 1.2 TDI has stock 360er injectors, but some later models might have little bit bigger ones. From factory engine came with 61 hp and 140 NM. Bone stock lupo 3L or audi A2 3L can deliver max roughly 90 hp and 250 Nm. With...
  4. Vekke

    Tungsten disulfide/ WS2 to lower friction

    Hi, I have now started to test out this powder in my Lupo 3L and so far the effects are positive and measurable in coast down tests. This weekend second car will get treatment and we will see if the effects are similar than in my car. Next car will get on road with treatment done to engine...
  5. Vekke

    Hypermiling videos to better fuel consumption

    Here you can find few videos how you should drive your TDI if you want to maximize its fuel economy: Cold start techniques: City driving: Highway hypermiling uphills
  6. Vekke

    Lupo 3L target 117 MPG us @ 62 MPH

    Call it impossible, I call it challenge. Edit: Pictures from the project can be found:!/...3642791&type=1 And please like my page if you have facebook account . Mods done so far: 3.5 bars at the tires 145/80R14 Bridgestone B381 ecopias 5% taller gearing DRL...
  7. Vekke

    Seat Cordoba vario 1.9 TDI (70MPG)

    Here is my current setup which gives me +70MPG. The car is Cordoba vario 98 pictures can be found at: Fuel log: Mods: - Rear wheel skirts (aero effect) - Rear muffler...