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  1. Oil_Burner

    What's the best latest chips suggestions

    What's the best latest chip suggestions I've got a 2001 TDI Jetta with an OLD Upsolute chip. I've since installed PP520's a big exhaust and intake. I was wondering whether any of you could suggest a newer more advanced chip that takes into account my other upgrades. Thanks everyone.
  2. Oil_Burner

    HID problems.

    I got some factory HID's in my 2001 Jetta. The older ones where the balast are seperate from the light unit. Now the drivers light starts blinking at start up as if it's not getting enough juice to turn it on. Tonight it blinked until I got up to highway speeds then after a while it came on...
  3. Oil_Burner

    Best way to break in a new clutch??

    My '01 Jetta needs a new clutch finally. Im going to upgrade it at the same time. Any thoughts on the best way to break in a new one? Thanks.
  4. Oil_Burner

    I saw a two door A3 in town two weeks ago.

    Ok I was driving through my small town (Issaquah, Washington) two weeks ago and I saw a white two door A3. Am I missing something here? I didnt think they were being imported. I couldnt see whether it was a gasser or not. Ideas? Tom
  5. Oil_Burner

    6 speed conversion kits. Labor costs??

    Hello, Im interested in anyone who has done one of the advertised 6 speed conversions. How complete are the kits and what are the labor costs for the installation? Thank you. Tom Bentzen
  6. Oil_Burner

    Picked up a used 2005 Liberty CRD

    2005 CRD Sport. Mods: Suncoast TC, Shift kit, Inmotion chip, Provent, ORM and V6 air box mod. I picked up my new (to me) 2005 CRD in Nashville and drove her home to Seattle. Here are my mileage reports.... Day one Nashville to Selina Kansas Day two Selina to Rock Springs Wyoming Day three...
  7. Oil_Burner

    Anyone here have a Jeep CRD Liberty?

    I find myself in the market for a 2004,5,6 Jeep liberty with a CRD. In fact the only reason Ive selected the Liberty is because of the CRD. Ive been on a few good forums surrounding the CRD version of the Liberty and they seem to be good rigs with a lot of potential. Any experience with...
  8. Oil_Burner

    BMW 116 diesel

    So I just read in the Seattle Times today that BMW will be bringing in the 116d into the United States in 2010! 53+ mpg. Ya gotta love that.
  9. Oil_Burner

    Need a new clutch... Which one?

    Ok I finally need a new clutch. Im not sure which model to get. I have an Upsolute chip, 2.5" exhaust, down pipe, air box mod.... Id prefer an upgrade but I really dont want all the shake rattle and roll while at idle. Any help guys? Thank you. Tom
  10. Oil_Burner

    HID issues. Help

    Ive had factory HID's for years. All of a sudden when I turn my lights on (primarily the drivers light) if I move the switch to quickly between off and lights (not spending enough time in city lights) the drivers light will BLINK as though its having a hard time generating the power to cook off...
  11. Oil_Burner

    Is there a way to "raise" your suspension?

    Ok in the begining I installed an H&R suspension on my car and lowered it. Now, seven years later and with fuel prices so high I'd like to be able to use my car for my backpacking trips. That means my car needs to be taller than it is. I need more ground clearence. I dont have my stock...
  12. Oil_Burner

    Need some advice with an IDI 1.9ltr

    Im thinking of replacing the Toyota 2L diesel in my Suzuki Samurai with an IDI 1.9 liter VW diesel. Ive got a 2001 TDI Jetta but I dont know much about the IDI motors. What can I do to improve power with that set up? Are there injectors? Bigger turbos? Suggestions please. Tom
  13. Oil_Burner

    2001 Jetta front leather seats for sale...

    Ive got a pair of 2001 Jetta front leather seats for sale. The pax seat is nearly perfect and new. It rarely had a passengers sit in it. The drivers side has some wear at the contact point when getting in and out. Other than that they are great. I replaced then with some GTI seats. They are...
  14. Oil_Burner

    FS:2001 Jetta GLS Leather front seats. Dont know what to charge

    FS:2001 Jetta GLS Leather front seats. 275.00 OBO I have a set of black 2001 Jetta GLS Leather front seats for sale. I installed a set of GTI leather seats so I dont need my original seats. The pax side is like new, the drivers is in good shape. Im thinking 275.00 for the set... OBO of...
  15. Oil_Burner

    GTI seats

    Ooh Wee. I just love them MK4 GTI seats I installed today! Wow, what a difference. Wish I had done this earlier..... Anyone that gets a chance to get some, do it.
  16. Oil_Burner

    .681 gear set. What kind of improvement?

    .681 gear set. What kind of fuel improvement? So, I just had the .681 fith gear set installed along with fresh Amsoil 75/90 synthetic gear oil. What kind of fuel improvement can I expect if I maintain my normal driving style? That is, I drive 60 on the highway. Prior to today I was averaging...
  17. Oil_Burner

    Brakes. Need ideas.

    It's time for new brakes. I want to replace the rotors with cross drilled jobs since I have to replace them anyway. What about pad and brake fluid? Can anyone give me advice on what's hot these days? Thanks. Tom
  18. Oil_Burner

    60.78 MPG and it isnt a dang hybrid!

    Ok, I was hoping for more, but I had to get home in a hurry from the Rush concert so I drove 75mph. As it is 805.70 miles on the odometer and 13.4 gallons in the tank. 60.78 MPG! I know this wont impress you guys on this site, but I cant imagine ever going back!
  19. Oil_Burner

    Engine problem, need advice.

    My brothers 2000 TDI Beetle started whining. Loud high pitched sound off the left side of the engine. It gets louder as the RPMs increase. I told him it sounded like a belt, water pump etc etc etc. Something turning it seems it binding against something else. His timing belt has around...
  20. Oil_Burner

    Need intercooler pipes

    Does anyone (anymore) make aftermarket intercooler pipes? Diesel Geek no longer does. I NEED a top pipe. My plastic top pipe came loose from its clamp and was shoved into the timing belt puly and was destroyed..... RATS! Id just as soon get something upgraded if I have to replace it...