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    Front end Grinding noise

    Good Day all. My 2000 jetta has started making an awful grinding noise on low speed turns. I bought new front strut mounts and bearings, but before I take it all apart is there any other component which could be the culprit? The noise doesn't really happen when I am stopped and turning the...
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    Does Diesel Purge go off?

    Came home for christmas and found an old can of Liqui-Moli Diesel Purge (about 6 years old). Does this stuff go off like olf gas and diesel left in cans? It's still sealed if that helps, just need a second opinion.
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    Potential starter issue

    Good day all Car wasn't starting after it sat for a few months, wouldn't jump from another car either, it would just turn over very slowly. Pulled the battery and reconditioned it on a NOCO charger, and reinstalled. The starter spins faster then it did originally, but the engine no longer turns...
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    MK4 Battery Hold Down Tab

    My captive nut mounted beneath the battery tray which the tab's bolt fastens to has come free, and now any attempt to loosen the bolt and remove the battery just spins the lower captive nut. I have tried reaching through as much as possible but can't get a wrench or socket on the nut as is. If...
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    Won't start, won't crank, weird electrical symptoms

    2000 Jetta, alh engine, manual transmission. Stumped on a no start problem and really not sure where to even start looking. I was driving around today totally fine, then parked at home for a few hours before I came back. The car didn't start, and, the odometer/time displays didn't light up, glow...
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    VCDS Logging help

    Hoping someone in the Markham-ish area has VCDS and would be willing to help me out in exchange for beer, cash, or the warm feeling helping others gives you. I'm having a P1557 code (Positive boost deviation) on my 2000 Jetta with ALH. The turbo Actuator was replaced recently by the mechanic who...
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    Water pump seizure on east coast update

    So the jetta is okay, after 6 weeks and a few repair procedures the mechanic gave me the green light. I was right about the water pump seizing, except it wasn't the pump itself, it was the pump ingesting a piece of my old thermostat and the impeller stopping. I am madly in love with the man who...
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    Water pump seized in roadtrip

    Posting here since the Atlantic board is pretty dead, and so am I unless I sort this out. Original post: Driving through cape Breton on my way to work in gagetown, my water pump seized at St. Anne's lookout. The belt is still intact, no valve damage. If anyone knows a shop in the area I can...
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    Water pump seized

    Driving through cape Breton on my way to work in gagetown, my water pump seized at St. Anne's lookout. The belt is still intact, no valve damage. If anyone knows a shop in the area I can tow it to, or spot I can leave it while I carry on to work and figure out the belt later. Worst case...
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    FS: MK4 ALH Bare block, Shortblock, Crank - Markham - Ontario

    Cleaning out the garage sale. Shipping is not included, however my family runs a small business and has a commerical account with FedEx so quotes will be snappy. ALH Bare block, asking 120 CDN ALH Short block (block, crank, rods, pistons) in need of a loving deck and hone - 140 CDN ALH Head w...
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    Oil Stains on Interlock

    Moving out of my house soon, like to get my damage deposit back without a fight. The main issue I have is the slow leak my jetta let go on the interlock. About 20-30 drips over the year I have lived here. I read about a few products, and washing methods and wondered if anyone here had experience...
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    VOGN Login

    Hey Everyone, This is mainly for Newfoundland members here. I registered for VOGN in order to get advice on locating a good VW shop in St. Johns, but still can't login since it hasn't been approved by an admin. Hoping some of the admins are regulars here or someone can give me their contact...
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    Princess auto vs Metalnerd

    So I have decided to change my alternator pulley before it seizes, and in Wingnuts "on car pulley swap" he uses a modified metalnerd tool (MN3400). While google-ing "alternator pulley socket", I found this tool kit which seems to include the proper selection of bits and sockets to get the job...
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    Squeaking Sound Diagnosis

    I have had a few second of squeaking noise on start up over the last little while and then again when I turned on the lights, and blower fan at the same time. I'm wondering if my alternator pulley may be starting to go, or if the sudden power draw and noise are unrelated. I have been looking up...
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    Water in Trunk

    So I have recently been finding water in the trunk of my 2000 Jetta, I have been able to check the rubber seal around the trunk lid and it seems okay. Since the water is mostly on the drivers side, I believe the seal around my brake light is leaking. Is this common? Is there a standard fix? I...
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    Newfoundland tdi'ers

    Just moved to St. Johns from Ontario, my jetta brought me here. Any other enthusiasts in the region? Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
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    VCDS Help

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping one of you is in the Markham/Stouffville area and could help me out a bit. I had Giles at Performance injection rebuild a set of injectors I had and want to install them. Rather than buy a VCDS cable I won't likely use very often I figure I can buy a fellow member some...
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    Buying VCDS cable in Canada

    Looking to buy a VCDS Cable from a Canadian distributor on account of our dollar and ross-techs poor shipping options. Leaning toward German OEM parts Ltd in Carlisle. Any other options? If anyone has a used cable they want to sell off I'm open to that.
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    Sound/clunk during forward weight transfer

    Hi all, I recently posted about my engine mount troubles caused by my attempt to track down and remove a unwelcome clunk in the engine compartment when the weight of the car shifts forward (think braking and downshifting). I finished the engine mounts, but it remains. To help with diagnosis I...
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    Engine Mount Bracket issue

    Decided it was time to fix the thunk sound when I brake, but ended up in a bad situation. I ordered new mounts and TTY bolts, but the threads of the bracket bolted to the engine have been damaged by a previous owner/mechanic. The 2 bolts connecting the mount to the bracket were, A) an...