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    PetroCanada Duron UHP 5W-40 availability in BC?

    Hi, I used to use Petro Canada Duron 5W40 API CI-4+ oil, from my local Petro Canada lubricants dealer. It now has been discontinued and the replacement oil is PetroCanada Duron UHP 5W-40, an CK-4 oil. Does anyone know where I can buy in in 4L jugs in BC? (I have a 2003 Jetta with an ALH...
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    Key problems

    Hello, i'd appreciate a couple of suggestions for my problem. My key buttons does not wirelessly lock / unlock / unlock my trunk, even after I replace the battery. What gives? This morning, I unlocked my car by pushing the unlock button on my key. I put the key in, and drive to work. I put...
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    help! 2004 Jetta ALH won't start.

    My 2003 Jetta TDI won't start. It's at the local CanadianTire right now and I'd appreciate some TDI guru advice... My wife drove the car twice yesterday and it was fine. The third time, it wouldn't start, there were cranking sounds, but no starting. We checked the anti-shudder valve and that...
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    Recommended body shop in Vancouver, BC?

    I'm looking for a recommended body shop in Vancouver, BC to look at my 2003 Jetta. Any recommendations? I called Rudy and Peter Motors and they recommended a body shop. VW Petrolo and he had a similar response. My wife managed to hook my front bumper cover on a parking curb-thing. It...
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    WTB:15" Steel OEM rims for A4

    Hi, I have a 2003 Jetta A4 and wanted to buy 4 15" OEM steelies, VW Part #1J0601027AB03C. I am in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The plan is to buy some nice winter tires to go with them....
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    fuse for trunk light?

    fuse for trunk light? <solved!!> Does anyone know which fuse controls/(is part of) the trunk light? It is also known as the "luggage compartment light". My Bentley says it is fuse #38 on my 2003 Jetta. When I pull it, the trunk light stays on. (I'm trying to wire up my new LED trunk strip...
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    expensive problems at dealer! Help!

    Wow. So I bring my 2003 Jetta TDI automatic (~85,000 km on odometer) to my dealer to check out a fuel leak, to check the ATF level on my transmission and other little stuff. 1) About the leak: I am seeing pooling of a liquid in crevices directly under my fuel injection pump. It looks a lot...
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    G12 coolant & refractometer: where to sample?

    Hi, I did a search and nothing useable came up (or the link was broken). So I lost a lot of coolant. Some water, some distilled water and some straight coolant was added. Now my coolant concentration is unknown. I have borrowed a refractometer. My Bentley says I should take a sample and put...
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    coolant leak after temp sensor change

    So I changed my coolant temp sensor and now have a small coolant leak at the sensor. The old black sensor was changed with a new green coolant sensor. So I have a bunch of questions about seating the o-ring and the black retaining clip. 1) How does the black retaining clip hold the sensor in...
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    WTB: 4 OEM Steel Rims 195/65-15, Vancouver, BC

    I'm looking for for OEM steel rims (for snow tires) Got any? RWW
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    2004 Jetta PD:warranty expiring soon

    Hi, My sister has a 2004 Jetta with the PD engine. Her warranty is expiring soon. Is there anything she should bring it in to check up / fix? I brought my 2003 Jetta (non PD) near the end and they cleaned my clogged intake for free. That was handy! RWW
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    Canadian convoy to Lk Stevens?

    I thought I read this in another thread, but I can't find it right now.... Who's a Canadian and going to the Lake Stevens GTG? Are you planning to drive down together? I'm interested. RWW
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    Where to buy ATE Super Blue in Vancouver?

    Is there a Canadian place where I can buy ATE Super Blue brake fluid? I'm hoping for someplace local. sells it, but they are located in Toronto. I was hoping for someplace near/in Vancouver. My local Lordco and UAP wasn't helpful. RWW
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    dead battery on remote?

    My remote will not unlock the car. The locking button on the remote works. The unlocking the trunk on the remote works as well. For some reason, the unlock button doesn't work. I checked the battery voltage on the remote. It says 3.0/2.99 volts. This is when there is no load on the...
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    Correct antenna adapter for 2003 Jetta (nonmonsoon

    I've got a 2003 Jetta with a double din deck. It's definitely not a monsoon setup. What's the correct antenna adapter required if I wanted to hook up an Alpine CDA-9813 deck? My local installer first tried with a Scosche VWA3B antenna adapter, but I have no AM reception. Is it safe to assume...
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    Photo request: wiper blade assembly

    Hi, Could someone please post a picture of their windsheild wipers? I'm particularly interested in the the 2" by 3" piece of plastic (air deflector?) that I think attaches to the driver's (?) side wiper. My dealer replaced my rubber inserts with P/N 895 955 429 A. According to Impex, those...
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    Rear parking distance sensor

    Has anyone done this install? The part number is 000054630A. According to Impex, the cost is US$304. My dealer is asking about CAN$500 plus about 8 hours of labour. Is it worth it? You can see it here. RWW
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    Mixed results w/service Cowell VW (Richmond, BC)

    I brought my car in for service to Cowell VW this past weekend. I would say that I got mixed results from them. Here's my scorecard: 8 out of 10 for fixing my injection timing. I said that it was out of spec since I purchased it. They fixed it for free and left it in the upper middle part...
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    CD shelf part number?

    Urgh. I'm looking for the part number for the singe DIN plastic shelf that fits above (under?) the OEM radio. A search on Impex shows two part numbers: 1J0 857 058 B1QA and 1J0 857 058 B2AQ. What's the difference? My local VW dealer says the first part number replaces the second part...
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    Help! Timing too advanced!?!

    Hi, Fred and Thom were nice enough to help me with looking at my injection timing at the Lake Stevens GTG. My timing graph looks like the following: Like the picture says, my timing is too advanced. This is on a stock 2003 Jetta automatic. I have no performance mods. No chip, no...