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    '96 Passat TDI in Austin

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    '96 Wagon on craigslist in Austin

    Not affiliated, but I saw this today.
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    PSD mechanic in Round Rock?

    *deleted* *deleted by poster*
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    Regarding Transmissions

    I'm looking at a longitudinal TDI swap into a RWD car (details currently withheld), and I was wondering whether there's a possiblity of using a passat or audi 4motion transmission without using the front-wheel drive; basically only hooking up the prop-shaft to run the back wheels. I'm asking...
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    Cluster backlighting gone

    I went out to my car this evening, and turned it on and drove off. When I turned on the lights, all of the interior lighting came on (as normal) except for the backlighting on the cluster (not normal). The cluster works fine; I the gauges all read correctly (and the windshield washer indicator...
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    Obtaining an engine

    I'm starting to look into a TDI swap, and I was wondering where you guys pick up your engines. Personally, I'd prefer to get a wrecked car whole, because it seems you can do that for not much more than you'd pay for just a running engine with the associated wiring, etc. How would I go about...
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    Dieselgeek Ultra 5 Short Shifter

    I finally got the short shifter of my dreams I went over to Jim's (Dieselgeek/corrado tdi) place a few weeks ago to have him adjust my stock shifter, and ended up getting an Ultra 5 shifter installed. It took Jim about 20 minutes to do the install, and when I got back in I thought...
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    2 Avus rims for sale

    I have for sale 2 avus rims. Both have slight curb damage along the lip, and a bit of clearcoat peel. They do not have tires. I'd like $50 + shipping for each one; I'll deal on both.
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    Tranny question

    IIRC, when switching from the 5-spd NA tranny to the 6-spd DRW(?) tranny (like IMPEX has), you have to replace the drive axles and some other bits with 1.8t/VR6 parts. Correct so far? Does anybody know if I can use the DRW in my 1.8t? It's got more than enough torque to overwhelm the...
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    Switching seats (airbag connector question)

    Can I use the airbag connectors off my 2000 Golf seats on 2003 GTI sport seats? I'm getting some from a friend who decided he likes his 20th seats too much Can I just remove the wires from the seat connectors and swap the connectors? Do I need to rearrange the wires? Thanks!
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    Door open sensors

    The sensors that tell my 2000 Golf the doors have been opened are not working. If I disarm my alarm and open the doors, the alarm will re-arm itself after the normal waiting period if I haven't started the car. It's really annoying when you're putting the baby in the back seat and the alarm...
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    Eclipse and OMI FS

    I've got an eclipse air/oil separator with associated tubing and an OMI (the original, not the metal one) pipe for sale on vwvortex. Vortex post
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    Interior trim glue

    I'm looking at a 2000 Golf, that's got some issues with the interior trim (specifically the part that covers the headliner at the passenger door seam, a strip about 1 inch wide) coming unglued. What's a good product for putting this strip back into place?
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    Non-TDI/Diesel cars for sale/wanted forum

    This might be a good idea; I'm sure there are quite a few people on this site who want to buy and sell gasoline-powered cars (VW or not). I'm not really comfortable posting a WTB for a gas-powered car in the TDI/Diesel for sale/wanted forum; is it just me?
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    FT: my front end (Candy White Jetta)

    Any interest in doing a Jolf/JTI swap? I've wanted to sport the Golf Variant look for a while, but it's hard to find people who are advertising their Golf front ends. So if you want to swap, let me know. My front end is stock, no major issues. It's got 4xxxx miles on it, so normal wear and...
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    New Toyota Hybrid concept

    Thought I'd share this. New Toyota V6 Hybrid concept that gets 31 MPG. (Oh, and it's got 408 HP and goes 0-60 in 4 seconds )
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    (Re)torquing head bolts?

    So I read through the Raceware thread with some interest, and it just got me wondering: can I retorque the head bolts on my car after 14 months and experience the same effects? I'm not going to pretend these bolts are the same quality as the aftermarket ones (and for $180, they'd sure better...
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    Weird noise on high boost

    This morning, I started hearing a "flapping" sound...for lack of a better word. Actually it sounds a lot like a muffled harley engine, "pop pop pop". I noticed I heard it when I pushed the pedal past 70% or so, so I thought I might have a hole in my exhaust somewhere. But then I noticed that...
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    Why not a v-4?

    So I've been reading about all the problems everyone talks about with trying to fit a 4 longitudinally into a G/J/NB. And I wonder, why aren't there any 4-cylinder vees in the automotive world? Why can't we have a short hood rwd roadster? Is that too much to ask? Seriously...Is there some...
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    TDI pickup

    Okay, so I have this idea to put a TDI in a long-bed ranger or F150. THAT would be a truck. But, aside from the V6, are there any longitudinal TDI engines? Aside from the obvious fabrication issues (exhaust, mounts, driveshafts, etc), what difficulties would arise from putting an A4 or B4 TDI...