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    Anyone know the License plate lamp type?

    I was looking for a replacement bulb that goes over the license plate for my '00 Jetta. Canadian Tire's little book of replacement bulbs was utterly useless. I think it's a double ended type, but anyone know the trade number for it? Thanks!
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    Guelph, Ontario to Lake Geneva, WI

    This will be the 5th or 6th time I'll be making this trip, for business. Sometimes I fly, but at $0.48/km, I can sure use the money before Christmas. I plan on putting my reimbursement into a set of winters for the 1.8T ;) . Usually it's approx 900 kms each way, depending on the route around...
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    Esso Extra XD-3 0W40

    I was in the Walmart the other night looking to see if they had any Delvac1 left. No luck, and they don't carry Mobil Truck & SUV either. Then I spotted this black jug with gold label and checked out the fine print. It had the API CG, CF, CH-4 ratings I was looking for (2000 ALH TDI). Best...
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    What fuel filter change interval are you using?

    I've lost track of what the fuel filter change should be. Is it every 16,000kms or every 32,000 kms. Or are some going longer than that?
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    EGR frozen in closed position?

    Since no one answered this question in my intake cleaning thread... When I had my EGR off to clean and all, I couldn't get the valve to move by hand. I don't have a vacuum vessel, so I couldn't test it that way. I figured that it would have at least been free moving or spring loaded. Is...
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    De-ionized or distilled water - with G12?

    Following my intake cleaning turned coolant replacement, I have to refill with G12 which luckily I have on hand. It says use minimum 50/50 mix with de-ionized water. I have distilled water. What's the difference?
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    No acceleration/cruise control...Update: intake

    2000 Jetta, 155,000kms, 5spd. Never had a CEL, and it gets Powerservice white every other tank. It's got no giddy up in 4th and 5th gears at highway speeds, and the cruise control doesn't maintain speed on even slight inclines. I also have a hard time getting any power after 3000 rpms in any...
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    Rust on rear window support

    My 2000 Jetta is already showing signs of rust on the little metal piece of the rear window supports. I see some underlying bubbling and some rust on the edges. I think my 2001 Golf is just starting this as well. Do you think the rust warranty might cover this? Isn't this a bit early for...
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    The NHTSA explanation of brake light switch recall

    I thought this would be interesting to post here (not intended to be a repost). I looked it up for my own interest. It still leaves me wondering how widespread the incidents really are. Sorry for the yelling format: From Has anyone experienced the problem first hand? By...
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    Can EGR clogging eat 5-7 mpg?

    Lately, my fuel economy has been around 43-44 mpg. This time last year it was more like 48-49 mpg. I don't believe my MAF is shot, and I'm using full synth oil (5w40 PC Duron), tires are at about 38 psi in the front, 35 in the rear. I'm getting slight bit of choking at 3000+ rpms. We're at...
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    ATE Brake Fluid in ONTARIO?

    I am having no luck finding the ATE Super Blue DOT4 fluid locally or online. Can someone please help? Must be a Canadian website for this stuff somewhere.
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    Brake wear warning light on

    My front brake wear warning light just came on a few days ago. What is the typical % left on the pads when this light comes on? How much time do you think I have before doing the brake job? TIA.
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    Canadians: What $$ are you paying per liter?

    I had to pay $0.714/liter yesterday to fill up! In some places I passed signs for 72.9/L. Diesel is now being priced at only a cent less than Regular gas it seems. This just sucks. The truckers must really be feeling it too. Watch for prices of goods to start going up because of this...
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    Canadian parts dealer online - anyone know 'em?

    Canadian parts dealer online - anyone know \'em? Altrom Group A friend referred me to them. They have a comprehensive list of parts for almost any import. Prices look reasonable, ie., $13 CAD for oil filter. Is $57 CAD for a fuel filter a good price? Anyone here deal with them before?
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    Cold weather problem turned out to be the starter.

    I told my dealer my 2000 Jetta TDI (102,000kms) was hard to start in the cold (-20C), and to check the battery. Well they ran some diagnostics and something called "AVR" voltage was shown on the work order, which I'm guessing means "Alternator Voltage Regulator"? Got a call later on, turns out...
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    I need to do the front brakes *sad*

    The dealer just phoned me to tell me the front brakes were about done for. I had no idea, the car stops fine and I hear nothing whatsoever. Anyway, I may as well start shopping around. Please let me know where and what are the best deals going. Preferrably from Canadian suppliers, since I...
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    Highway shudder vs. slowdown shudder

    I did a search and didn't find much about the Highway Shudder, but read it in the FAQ. What I don't understand is how changing the fuel quantity at idle number will affect shudder at cruising speeds (~120kph). Anyone experience this, and have good results with changing the IQ. I just started...
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    Low coolant shortly after TB and WP replaced

    We just had the TB and water pump done on our Jetta, now at 99000kms. The local dealer did the job, and I remember them saying that the water pump was leaking and the coolant was low (I didn't notice, but the CEL never came on so I wouldn't have known). Anyway, they nicely covered the water...
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    Injector pump failure costs VW Golf buyer $2,500

    This from the Wheels section of the Toronto Star, Dec 6, 2003. Link to Story [ QUOTE ] I recently bought a used 2001 VW Golf TDI with 98,000 km for a good sum of money. I did so because I desired the economy and what I believed would be a long, relatively trouble-free service life from a...
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    Injector pump failure costs VW Golf buyer $2,500

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