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    m-tdi potential?

    what are the M-Tdi guys squeezing out of their 1.9's that are running a mechanical pump? This would be for an engine that is still reasonably streetable. *not having to wait several seconds for the turbo to 'light up' just to move the car... I've read a few posts where...
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    mounting the expansion tank

    I didn't see where the expansion tank was mounted in the donor car, so can anyone tell me if there is an elevation/engine relationship requirement?
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    Choosing nozzles

    What is the difference between a nozzle with the PP or power plus designation, and the same model w/o? such as the 764's.. Better tolerances? coatings?
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    Timing w/o VW flywheel

    Hey, I've only done TB maintenance on my VM 2.8, which is fairly similar to what I'm reading about on these TDi's. I'm swapping mine (alh) into a Toyota pickup, and using the Toyota's flywheel. When the ALH engine is 'set' for timing, is the engine itself #1 tdc? The...
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    toyo/ALH swap #bazillion

    So, here I go! Add me to yet another Toyota pickup swap. Mine is a 1994 4 cylinder, 5 speed, 4WD, regular cab. The original 22re was overheated by the previous owner, but I've limped it along for the past couple years. I believe they were rated at 112 HP.. So...
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    starter placement

    Ok, I don't have in my possession an actual Tdi, but some of you probably know by now I'm gathering info, ideas, on a swap into my 94 yota. reading what works, and also what doesn't. Thanks to all the guys who have chipped in so far! ;) As of today, I've...
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    Adapter alignment?

    To the guys who have swapped a Tdi onto an adapter (my case, would be a Toyota pickup application) Have you or have heard of any alignment issues? Back in my hotrod days, seems like every big block Chrysler that got a different bellhousing, needed to be dial indicated...
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    finding/choosing a good ALH

    On the hunt for an ALH. This is my first crack at VW's. I'm going to swap it into my Toyota. I've found several fairly close, already out of the car. It'd be pretty tough to 'listen' to it run. About all can do as a potential buyer is turn it over by hand and see if it...
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    vin 5th digit...

    'F' or 'P'? Doing a search for used tdi's.. I was prompted for either F or P in my choices. It was in both automatic and manual versions. when I clicked one or the other, pretty much came up with the same list of engines.. so really made no difference in...