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    VW and DaimlerChrysler taking chance on diesel in U.S.

    "U.S. drivers also don't have any economic incentive to switch to diesel as they do in Europe, where diesel is taxed less and therefore 17 percent cheaper than gasoline." What a damnfool statement. The writer talks as if Europe is a COUNTRY. Apart from the fact that fuel in Europe is generally...
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    VW Brake Pad Sensors...

    In another thread, I have highlighted the problems with premature rear brake pad wear. Here's another observation: The front pads are fitted with wear sensors, the rear's aren't. Why fit the sensors to the fronts when it is the rears which habitually wear out first? Another observation...
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    Rear Pads - 2001MY Golf - 38000 km!

    Geez, VW's dealer service stinks even more than I'd ever imagined....... Daughter's Nov. 2000 Golf TDi.... Driven carefully by her for 38000km - on previous cars she's had, Rover Metros etc, I'd never had to replace rear shoes or front pads at 50000 miles (m not km...) when we sold the...
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    Informative diesel page full of links.

    Thanks for posting, Patrick. Some interesting stuff in there. As I've said before and SP has said again above, the refiners in Europe are way ahead of the legislation. All that's happened and is happening in Europe is governed by strong market forces, NOT legislative deadlines, where there...
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    Brake Fluid Change - Jeep Cherokee

    A neighbour of mine seems to be suffering from "incompetent dealer syndrome" - she has a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee which has supposedly been properly dealer-serviced, and the frigging brake fluid is probably original, judging by the dark red colour. I said I'd do it for her, since dealers cannot...
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    SMART Topless Toy .....

    OK, I suppose, for those with more money than sense!
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    Rear Power Socket - rating?

    I suppose I could look in the book but I cba, & VW handbooks are so crap it's probably not in there! Does anyone know offhand what the rear trunk power socket on a 2001 Golf TDI (the one inside the car, too...) is fused at? I have a nice Koolatron Foodwarmer which draws 15 amps, so I'm...
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    New Range Rover

    Some of you might be interested in the following article: Strongly influenced by BMW, as expected. Interestingly, the Diesel variants are - wait for it - a whopping £7000 cheaper than their petrol...
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    Ford Mondeo TDCi

    Just received from "Autoexpress"... Eat your hearts out over this side of the pond -yet again!
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    brake fluid questions

    <blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by hover_one: ......The mechanic said he was afraid to do it because it looked like sludge, and was afraid it had never been done, he was afraid he would cause more damage by putting in new...
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    Glowing Tdi Report on KSPS TV

    Anyone else see the TDi report on KSPS (Ch14), at about 08.00 MT this morning? I didn't quite catch the start of it, but I've never seen such a glowing report this side of the pond. It was focussed (sorry..!) on the Jetta Tdi, but made proper mention of the Golf and Beetle counterparts...
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    blue head lights

    They are crap - a triumph of fashion over common sense. The boxes the bulbs come in even carry a warning (in the UK at any rate..) that the life expectancy of the things is limited. Save your money, and your time!
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    LH Headlamp Bulb - 2001 Golf

    Just found my LH headlamp bulb isn't working, so tried to access it. Boy, this must be the most inaccessible headlamp bulb on any car I've EVER had. If you want a laugh, see p76 of the Canadian handbook! So VW admits it's inaccessible, and goes on to say "For your safety, we recommend that...
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    Guinness Round-Britain World Economy Record.

    I've just come back from a week over in Blighty, and the current very warm weather will also benefit the ultimate consumption figure. I never wore a jumper all week, even in the evenings! Must admit, I wasn't in Elgin, though - there are usually a few brass monkeys running around that neck of...
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    Wing Protectors for Golf

    VW used to supply the more up-market Golfs/Jettas with excellent plastic "Eyebrows" to protect the wings(fenders?) against stone chips and supermarket trolley damage. None of the current models seem to have them. Does anyone know of any source of such things for the Golf from aftermarket...
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    TDi 110 reintroduced in UK

    According to my latest "Diesel Car", the 110 is being reintroduced for the Bora & Golf, due to shortages of 115TDi engines, and coupled with the replacement of the 115 with the 130. VW says that the 110 fills a useful marketing gap between the 90 and the 130, as well as being suitably pitched...
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    Golf Rear Bumper - European/N American

    Before I start fitting my UK towbar (= hitch here..)to my Canadian 2001 Golf, does anyone know if there is any difference in the rear bumpers between UK and Canadian-spec models? I've discarded my UK brochures..... Thanks. - Richard
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    Amsoil Cetane Booster - OK in Plastic Container?

    I eventually managed to get hold of some Amsoil Cetane Booster today, and it comes in a metal container, without any easy dosing measure. The full strength brew works out at 1cc/litre dosage, very easy. I have a number of plastic Millers Dieselclean (= lubricity enhancer/injector cleaner, the...
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    Haynes Manual - Translations

    I thought some of you might enjoy this from across the Pond: Haynes: This is a snug fit. Translation: You will skin your knuckles! Haynes: This is a tight fit. Translation: Not a hope in hell matey! Haynes: As described in Chapter 7... Translation: That'll teach you not to read through before...
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    Clarity on Prices, Please!

    It is always interesting to keep abreast of the prices some of us have paid for our cars and what order-of-magnitude of discounts are being offered in different areas and on differing models, but I have found the figures Members state to be utterly confusing in most cases. It would, therefore...