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    I know that there are still 2014MY JSWs on the lots...and the selections are still pretty decent. But when is the new Golf Wagen suppose to be available? 1st Qtr of 2015? maybe?
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    2012 Jetta TDI Sedan Premium w/Navigation FS

    2012 Jetta TDI Sedan Premium w/Navigation Platinum Grey Metallic Exterior Anthracite Leatherette Interior DSG Auto Transmission 19900 Miles One Owner (In Service Date 6/1/2012) Super Clean, Mint Condition In & Out Asking $22,500.00...
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    My '12 Jetta TDI

    We decided on the Jetta sedan over the Passat sedan, one really gets penalized for choosing the Passat with the lack of a discount and the higher finance rate. So i have a couple of questions that you guys maybe able to help me with. 1) the fans stay on for quite a while after the car has been...
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    Fuse Diagram

    Does anybody have a fuse diagram that they can share for the Passat TDI SEL...showing where the power seat fuses are? Thanks
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    2013 jsw

    with it being so late in the game to try and get a JSW ordered and built...I was wondering if there is a chace that HIDs, maybe foglights would show up on the 2013 models form the factory instead of me trying to fit them onto a '12... Anybody with an educated guess?
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    DPF Equipped V10 Touareg Factory Fill

    Does anybody know (with some certainty) what was put in at the time of manufacturing? Thanks :)
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    DEO or AFL?

    Both seem to work in the V10 Touaregs, but one does not explicitly state a VW spec/standard... I've always had very goos results wit Amsoil and woud like to believe that they do make an oil that is useable in my V10... In addition, its funny because the ELF Solaris LLX 5w-30 is note to be...
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    B5.5 TDI Fuel Filter FS

    Original VW part brand new in box $20.00 shipped to your door
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    '06 TDI Roof Rails

    Did it come in Silver or black color?
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    '06 V10 Specs

    I am looking for the pdf file that was on VW's website for the 2006 Touareg Standard Equipment list The current file on the website is for the 2007 Model Year If any of you happen to have saved a copy of the 2006 pdf file, please forward it to me via my email Thanks for the help
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    Water Seperator

    The user manual says it should be drained out as part of periodic maint. Can somebody help me by telling where is it and how hard is this to do for the DIY person? Thanks
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    Upcoming Sale of B5.5 TDI Wagon

    One Owner 2005 B5.5 TDI Wagon Reflex Silver with Grey Leatherette 17" Wheel option 5 Speed Auto/Tip Currently 18K miles Have a Jetta GLI on order for Week 50 Production, will have to sell Passat Wagon when that gets here. If there are insterested parties here on this board, I'll be glad to...