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    All my pearls of wisdom have vanished!

    Hmmmm, Every post I have made in the last two years seems to have disappeared this weekend. Must have hit some type of limit.
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    Dr Dan's Price is increasing, buy now before it goes up

    Dr Dan\'s Price is increasing, buy now before it goes up I was at Dr Dan's yesterday to fill up with biodiesel and talked to Dan a bit. He asked if I would post here that he is going to be raising his price by $.17 a gallon next Wednesday (Oct 23). He will extend the $2.50 a gallon for any...
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    Water Emulsion

    I think if you do a search on white diesel on the forum you will find some information. It has been covered a few times over the years.
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    Saw a Green Passat TDI Wagon tonight w/ a Biodiesel sticker on the rear window.

    Is this one of our own or is there other intelligent life out there? This was on the West Seattle Fwy at about 10:20 tonight.
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    Annnnd... Edmunds actually writes a semi-positive diesel column

    I liked it. I think the negative start will work to hook a lot of people in that would never read a "good" article about diesel. He will get a lot of people nodding their heads and reading on to see how bad diesels are. What a surprise when he mentions a PT Cruiser diesel that he didn't even...
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    How much bio-diesel per tank? How much $?

    At that price B100 would be good . I pay $2.50 a gallon so typically run about B20.
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    What is central to Seattle area residents for a ULSD fueling station

    To help determine where we should focus our efforts to try for a ULSD fueling station. This might indicate where we could get the most people to stop on a regular basis. [ April 23, 2002, 09:22: Message edited by: jorpet ]
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    Oil-Refining 101

    I had never seen this listed on the forum before so thought it might be of interest. It is a dummed down version of a lot of what Skypup has been saying and pointing us too for some time. How Stuff Works: Oil Refining It explained fractional distillation much better than I have seen. Enjoy.
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    700.4 miles, no light yet

    I now have 700.4 miles on the current tank and have just reached the 1/8th tank has mark. I could probably go another 100 before refueling. I will refuel on the way home (at about 720) because the suspense of knowing what the MPG for this tank is is killing me. I can hardly wait for the...
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    Cetane values above 40 do not significantly improve engine performance

    This from the Mobil web page. Easy Starting In order for a diesel engine to start easily, the fuel must have a sufficiently high cetane number. Cetane number is the measure of the ignition quality of the diesel fuel. ASTM D 975 has a minimum cetane number requirement of 40. Values above this...
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    Winter Mileage

    Double D, I noticed the drop as well when they first switched to the winter diesel here. I started adding cetane boost and my last tank was nearly at 50 MPG. I did a bit more highway driving that tank and that might have helped. I am now using Union 76 and it is better than the Texaco I...
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    In ground tank

    What would the draw backs be of using and existing 500 gallon fuel oil tank for diesel? We are considering paying to have natural gas run up our street so we can connect and would then have the 500 gallon tank to contend with. I was wondering if it would be OK to have it drain of heating oil...
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    First use of Amsoil Cetane Boost

    I finally got some Amsoil Cetane Boost and added it to the cr@p I seem to be getting for fuel here. The car has been smoking more and more as the weather has gotten cooler (Seattle gets cooler not cold ) and has been much noiser in the mornings. I added two ounces to the tank on Friday when I...
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    Premixing Additives

    Rahsut and I are sitting here wondering if premixing additives is OK or should be avoided. We are also wondering if it is OK to put the Amsoil Cetane boost into a plastic container since it comes in a metal container. Any thoughts?
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    Rubbing it in

    I am just curious about some possibilities. Would it be possible to get the current mpg from the ECU for cars without the trip computer? If so, I am thinking it would be possible to get one of those LED message bars, mount it in the back window and display a message "Current mpg = XX". That...
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    First Tank Jitters

    I finally ran through my first full tank that the stealer gave me when I picked up the car. I drove about 40 miles after the buzzer and light came on and then chickened out. My Jeep only goes about 35 before its lights out and I got nervous (despite what I have read here...). So here are the...
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    New to the club

    Hi All, After riding in a friend's TDI NB and reading up on this site and forum I finally went out and bought a new 2001 Jetta GL TDI, Black/Black. I really appreciate all of ther comments here about your experiences with your TDI's, you are a big reason why I now own one. So far I have put...