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  1. Shizzell

    DIY: How to fix air blend door MK4 TDI no cabin heat problem

    DIY: How to fix air blend door MK4 TDI no cabin heat problem Problem: I was not experiencing cabin heat at any point during my commute. This was becoming a serious concern not only because I was freezing, but also because I couldn’t defrost. The coolant temp sensor said a solid 190...
  2. Shizzell

    Hissing, low power

    Hello, I have been investigating this hissing, or whining that occurs when accelerating. I have been noticing that I don't have as much power as I should. I collected some information regarding VCDS that may help in diagnosing: In Engine Measuring blocks, 010: Actual MAP: Idle: 958 mbar 2000...
  3. Shizzell

    Radio won't turn on

    Hello! Finally just got my Golf back from the body shop today after my total... it looks brand new, and better than it did when I purchased it. However, the radio won't turn on after it was in their shop. I checked every single fuse, and all were good. I left 42 out for a few minutes and...
  4. Shizzell

    WTB: Boost/EGT combo gauge & pod

    Looking for a Boost and EGT combo gauge and steering column pod. Preferably all of the additional kit stuff needed (probe, etc) as well. Probably going to be a tough find, but thought I'd post this out there anyways. Thanks!
  5. Shizzell

    Help finding location of EGR temperature map

    I am trying to find my EGR temperature map to adjust when the EGR is enabled to save on warm up time and such. So I think I found it here: 00059B32 However, I have been looking at 5 different original files from Golf 4 ALHs, and they all have zero'd out maps at ~approximately~ that address. I...
  6. Shizzell

    Bremmen/Aftermarket Body Parts

    Hello, Just wondering if anybody has tried any of the ebay aftermarket body parts like these: or...
  7. Shizzell

    Need to buy parts for a MK4 Golf

    Hello, Looking for the following parts for a MK4 Golf: - Driver and Passenger front fender - Front bumper cover - Driver side mirror assembly (Manual, heated) - Rear hatch window Preferably in galactic blue, although any other color works. PM me your prices (shipping to Minnesota) thanks a lot!
  8. Shizzell

    Insurance issues with accident

  9. Shizzell

    Front emblem Golf mk4 install

    Attempting to install a new front VW emblem. I removed the grille, to find that the grey body inside, behind the chrome emblem, is glued? to the grille. Time to use my dremel? I don't really want to paint it... and now that I've done lots of searching it seems that theft is actually a...
  10. Shizzell

    Rear rotor appears warped

    Last weekend I took the rear of my car apart to replace the suspension. I lowered the axle and changed the bushings and struts. I noticed my rear drivers side wheel was turning awfully hard, so I took my caliper off to inspect. The rotor would intercept the pads on a section while spinning it...
  11. Shizzell

    RPMs seem to rise on clutch

    On a 5 speed Jetta, it seems when engaging the clutch the RPM's will raise slightly. The RPM's will also fall much slower than my other TDI. Now I need to hook this thing up to VCDS to get real numbers, but right now I'm assuming some type of over fueling is taking place. I'm wondering what...
  12. Shizzell

    Where can I find door handles like this?

    Hey guys, Take a look at this picture.. I thought these are awesome door handles, and I'm wondering if you guys know where I might be able to grab a pair. I tried contacting the user on here, but he hasn't replied.
  13. Shizzell

    Oil leaks

    There appears to be a two oil leaks on my golf. The first one, and more serious, is the one on the passenger side. It is coming from the side of the engine, and running down onto the harmonic balancer. It is not leaking from the valve cover, and I don't think it's coming from the camshaft seal...
  14. Shizzell

    The Mysterious Vacuum Issues

    So the hunt continues. To summarize the problem, the car is not producing enough vacuum; it's resulting in failed power brakes. This vacuum system is causing some headaches, and I would just like some clarification on a few items. 1. Is my method of checking the vacuum OK?: Using the vacuum...
  15. Shizzell

    Brakes not engaging

    So the brake system has just been properly bled, using VCDS, and the brake pedal when pumped gets tight like normal. When the car is on, the brake pedal seems normal, except when stopping... you have to jump on them quite a bit for the car to stop. Now I know this indicates a vacuum leak of some...
  16. Shizzell

    Oil leak from head

    There is a continous leak in between the timing belt guard and the head. I took off the valve cover to inspect. The valve cover was intact, and I proceeded to take a look at the cam shaft seal. It seemed parallel to the groove. Is it only that seal that can be causing this leak? I put some...
  17. Shizzell

    Timing belt now on, no complete crank

    I purchased a used long block, and installed a clutch. I could turn the crank completely around after that. I put the gear box on. I could crank it completely. I went through the timing belt procedure, and everything has been timed correctly. The belt is on now, but when testing to make sure I...
  18. Shizzell

    Whats this part?

    I think it goes between the turbo bolts and the turbo, but it could go on either side. Whats it for, and whats it do? Thanks
  19. Shizzell

    Oil cooler coolant leak

    It seems that my oil cooler has been dropping coolant on me. It seems it's coming from the bottom hose, yet the clamp is on tight and the hose is good. Do you think the oil cooler is damaged?