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  1. jettafock

    Anyone looking for MKIV parts in Wisconsin?

    Hey there Wisconsinite TDIers. I'll be traveling back to WI (Milwaukee/Dells) areas in Aug. Check out my part out thread of my 04 Jetta TDI Mods and let me know if you would be interested in buying anything. Let me know ASAP so I can pack the parts.
  2. jettafock

    2004 Jetta part out - lots of mods

    Here is my official part out post for the 2004 Jetta sedan platinum gray GLS auto with 210,000 miles but the trans has under 50,000 miles it is a rebuilt trans. Below are the mods I have for sale right now. I will not be posting anything for sale that needs to make the car run for now, but...
  3. jettafock

    Parting out 04 Jetta TDI Lots of mods

    I am going to be parting out my 04 Jetta TDI. This is more or less just a feeler post for now. Let me know if there is anything you would like to buy and we can work out a price. I will be editing this post as I go with more info. As I said it's an 04 Jetta. It's a sedan platinum gray GLS auto...
  4. jettafock

    Rip dzldub

    13 years ago I bought my 2004 Jetta TDI GLS not being a car person whatsoever. Then a neighbor told me about TDICLUB and I joined 13 years ago tomorrow. So now 210410 miles, 13 years, thousands of $$$ in mods, the 2009 TDIFest people's choice, and a number of other TDIFest places and gasser show...
  5. jettafock

    What's the better family car?

    I was wondering what people thought would be the best family car out there. My family is currently myself, wife and 11 month old. We plan on expanding to 1 more in the near future and maybe a 3rd down the road.
  6. jettafock

    Need someone with vag-com in bmore

    My wife's 07 2.5 jetta threw code 01314 ECM no signal/no comms. It won't start due to the code. It's at a shop in Catonsville. They never saw this code before and it threw them for a loop. I don't know if they cleared the code. I would like to see if someone can try clearing it with vag-com. Txt...
  7. jettafock

    Next line of VW R cars could be diesel and AWD

    From they are reporting that the future of R cars could be diesel and AWD. I will be in line to buy the first Golf Rd.
  8. jettafock

    WTB: Axle for Front Drivers side 04 Jetta Auto

    I am looking to buy a front drivers side axle for an 04 Jetta sedan TDI auto. Let me know if you have one.
  9. jettafock

    Axles for an 04 Jetta Sedan TDI Auto

    I was wondering if someone could tell me if an axle from an 02 Jetta sedan TDI auto will work in an 04 Jetta sedan TDI Auto.
  10. jettafock

    Feeler: Highly modded 04 Jetta TDI Auto

    I am putting this feeler out for possibly selling the DZLDUB. Yes, that's right. I am in Catonsville, MD 21228 So here is what it is: 04 Jetta TDI GLS Auto, Platinum Gray, Black Leather, Moon Roof, Cold Weather Package, ESP, 155000 miles Performance Upgrades: Rocketchip Stage 3+ VNT 17/22...
  11. jettafock

    WTB: 09A Auto Transmission for 04 Jetta TDI

    I am looking to buy an 09A Transmission with low miles for my 04 Jetta TDI. Let me know if you have one for sale. email me at
  12. jettafock

    MKIV 5 spd auto w/tip wont engage reverse

    My 04 Jetta with a 5 speed automatic with tiptronic tranny wont engage reverse. It isn't every time though. It has only been about 4-5 times and only after it has been parked and I start the car up and put it into reverse. All other gears work. Once it did finally engage after about a minute of...
  13. jettafock

    FS: 11 liters of Elf CRV 506.01 oil

    I have 11 3/4 liters of Elf CRV 506.01 oil for sale. This is the only oil that is recommended for the V10 Touarge and can be used in BEW TDI's. I would like to get $88 plus shipping for it.
  14. jettafock

    FS: VAG-COM HEX-COM+CAN cable or swap for HEX-USB+CAN cable

    I am looking to sell my VAG-COM HEX-COM+CAN cable or would be willing to swap for a HEX-USB+CAN cable. $300 shipped.
  15. jettafock

    Volkswagen Pickup to have 2.0 TDI powerplant

    According to AutoBlog Argentina VW's new Pickup will likely to have a 2.0L TDI power with around 170hp / 125kW @ 350Nm of torque.A Flex fuel (ethanol) powerplant is also under development for the Brazilian market. Why can't this come to the US market? Source VWVortex /...
  16. jettafock

    MKVI Golf 2009 World Car of the Year

    NEW YORK AUTO SHOW: Volkswagen Golf Takes 2009 World Car Of The Year Honors The Volkswagen Golf was honored as the 2009 World Car of the Year. A jury comprised of fifty-nine international automotive journalists from twenty-five countries around the world chose this year’s World Car of the Year...
  17. jettafock

    FS: Truely one stop shoping for OEM Navi ver. G and full FIS Cluster

    SOLD NAVI for $1300 and Cluster for $750 Well I have decided not to use my full FIS cluster. So I will be including the cluster along with the sale of my navi. Below is what I will all be selling: OEM Navi ver. G head unit 3B0035191G triplex antenna base 1J0035507 with whip and Sharan antenna's...
  18. jettafock

    Fs: Bew Ecu

    Fs: BEW ECU I have an BEW ECU for sale. Stock, no programming. Make an offer. I'll post the PN up later.
  19. jettafock

    FS: TDI FrostHeater for 04/05 PD Jetta Auto

    I have a brand new never used TDI frost heater for an 04/05 Jetta PD auto for sale. I am looking to get $85 plus shipping for this. Also, if you are in the Milwaukee area. I will be there for Christmas. I can bring it with to save you on shipping. SOLD
  20. jettafock

    Loud annoying noise in the cabin

    Today I started getting a loud high pitched annoying noise in the cabin while driving. It started out only happening here and there but after driving some it is happening around 75% of the time. I think it has something to do with the gas pedal or something since sometimes it starts when im...