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  1. n1das

    Exhaust belch at start

    NORMAL for an ALH engine TDI during the winter months in cold areas during a cold start.
  2. n1das

    06 Jetta gelling?

    The fuel filter could have been icing up due to water from condensation in the fuel :eek: and not actually gelling. Glad you got it fixed. -5F temps are cold enough for icing due to water but still too warm for gelling, assuming the fuel is properly winterized and/or the anti-gel additive took...
  3. n1das

    Who sells the best diesel in New England?

    I recommend Haffner's ("It Kicks!"). Gasoline, LOL. You have a Haffner's in Haverhill at 73 Plaistow Road, Haverhill, MA 01830, and many other locations around you. I have fueled up at Haffner's in Hudson NH for many years and it's a high turnover station...
  4. n1das

    Who sells the best diesel in New England?

    If I had to pick a name brand of best diesel in the New England states region, it would be IRVING, based in Canada.
  5. n1das

    Who sells the best diesel in New England?

    What jayb79 and autoguru21 said. Get your diesel fuel where everybody else does in your area. Go where the big rigs go to fuel up along major routes. Always use an additive with every tankful to take care of any water you can't avoid getting and to increase lubricity. My two favorite...
  6. n1das

    Which tune should I use?

    What IBW said. Jeff's tunes largely sell themselves. My first tune from Jeff was on my 02 Golf TDI in early March 2005 at the first House of 5 Garages (Ho5G) GTG. :cool:
  7. n1das

    Which tune should I use?

    My 2014 535dx at only 149k miles is still bone stock. I have no plans to tune it. Based on past experience owning 3 TDIs and having all of them tuned and modded, the only tuner I will do business with is Rocketchip. Jeff has tunes for the 535d and 335d. He offered to tune my 2014 535dx back...
  8. n1das

    Tell Us About Your Very 1st Diesel

    It's looking like I may be going to the tower site this coming weekend or the next weekend to start the generator up and let it run for a while. :cool: The Western Electric Ma Bell genset restoration project in 2002 became the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back and made me trade out...
  9. n1das

    Has cop ever checked your fuel line...?

    A lot of us up here in the New England states heat with oil in the winter. Home heating oil is aka off-road diesel and is dyed red. The houses I grew up in had a big oil tank in the basement. Home heating oil and off-road diesel used to be different due to the higher Sulphur content in...
  10. n1das

    Has cop ever checked your fuel line...?

    Here's a TDI you don't want to see in your rearview mirror! :D TDIclub forum member Baycop's 06 TDI. :cool:
  11. n1das

    Opti-Lube XPD or Stanadyne?

    OptiLube is great for lubricity IIRC because it is biodiesel based. If you are OK with using a biodiesel blend in your TDI then OptiLube is the way to go. Howes Lubricator Diesel Treat and PowerService Diesel Fuel Supplement (white bottle) are my 2 favorite additives and I use one or the other...
  12. n1das

    safe coal?

    My next diesel vehicle will be a diesel pickup truck to help guarantee being able to get a diesel vehicle in the future. The diesel pickup truck market is well established and doesn't appear to be threatened and wasn't affected much by the VW Dieselgate scandal. Diesel pickup trucks used as...
  13. n1das

    safe coal?

    Rolling coal causes turbo EGTs to go sky high. The result will be a melted turbo if done for very long. Don't do it.
  14. n1das

    Gas door and trunk not opening.

    None of my TDIs ever had a GAS door. :D
  15. n1das

    safe coal?

    Prius Repellant:
  16. n1das

    PowerService DFS (white bottle) endorsed by Cummins I was talking with a coworker about diesel fuel additives for his 2017 Ford F-450 SuperDuty truck and recommended PowerService Diesel Fuel Supplement (white bottle). Good stuff and many TDIclubbers have used it over...
  17. n1das

    BMW X5 diesel exhaust pipe taste tests

    I recently had a 2017 BMW X5 35i as a loaner car while my 535d was being serviced at my BMW dealer (Tulley BMW in Nashua NH). While the gasser X5 drove nice, I very quickly missed the torque and efficiency of my diesel X5. 0-60 and 1/4 mile times and speeds are comparable but each car drives...
  18. 2017 BMW X5 35i exhaust pipe taste test

    2017 BMW X5 35i exhaust pipe taste test

  19. 2012 BMW X5 35d exhaust pipe taste test

    2012 BMW X5 35d exhaust pipe taste test

  20. n1das

    2018 BMW 540d for USA??

    Picked this up on Bimmerfest ( Will this actually come to the USA?? That's some serious Weapons Grade TORQUE! :cool: * DROOL * :D Me want. :)