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  1. Dimitri16V

    Blue Golf on 270 South

    Nice one with dual tip exhaust , winter front cover
  2. Dimitri16V

    WTB PD intank pump

    in good condition
  3. Dimitri16V

    Fuel leak in return line

    The blue fuel return fitting that clips in the in tank pump is leaking I removed the pump ( it is aftermarket replacement ) and there seems to be a check valve in the return tube Can I drill it out or the system will loose prime ? I blew some compressed air thru it and it seems to open fine
  4. Dimitri16V

    BEW motor mount bracket helicoil size

    finally , after multiple uses the aluminum bracket gave up its threads is it advisable to helicoil it ? what size is needed ?
  5. Dimitri16V

    Garrett VNT17 leaking oil

    It leaks from the oil feed union. I periodically have to reach in there and snug the 17 mm nut . What size AN is that compression fitting ? It is M10 on the turbo side
  6. Dimitri16V

    will BEW VNT17 bolt on for an ALH ?

    looks like it will work on an ALH , using the bigger boost hose am I correct ?
  7. Dimitri16V

    Caster alignment

    How much can it be corrected by shifting the subframe ? Are the bolt holes on the subframe slightly slotted or all the shift is taken by the rear bushings ? My left is at 7.3 and right at 6.7 I installed the TT bushings in the LCAs few yrs ago and wonder if the smaller diameter bolts used on...
  8. Dimitri16V

    Oil pump Chain tensioner

    How easy is to replace this ? Just drop oil pan ?
  9. Dimitri16V

    Leak down test

    I need to do this to my PD Will 100psi be enough ?
  10. Dimitri16V

    Oil consumption

    my PD has been consuming more and more oil lately , about 1 qt every 1000 miles the compression has checked out OK, 425-435 across all cylinders turbo hoses have no oil no blue smoke under acceleration some blue smoke during cold starts no oil in the tailpipe rear of the engine block is wet...
  11. Dimitri16V

    Scrapping noise from driveline

    I have this noise for a year . sounds like metal parts rubbing together. gear in or out , it is speed dependant Changed brakes discs, pads , right front bearing , noise still there it goes away when I turn slightly to the right , becomes worse when turning left . changes frequency going over...
  12. Dimitri16V

    Fuel hoses

    if you like clear hoses you can use those polyurethane hoses made by SMC I used the 1065 red colored sized one on the return from the tandem pump to the fuel temp sensor I had those hoses from work and the stock rubber...
  13. Dimitri16V

    Tandem pump question

    is the vacuum outlet supposed to spin freely ? I experience sporadic loss of power brakes and everything else checks OK
  14. Dimitri16V

    PD injector switch time deviation

    I checked block 23 today and it seems like the #4 injector is lazy It switches very slowly from while the rest of them change values rapidly any ideas what would cause that ? am I looking at a defective injector ? No CELs 348K miles on original injectors
  15. Dimitri16V

    Golf 2004 window issue

    so, window came off clips One of the screws was seized and stripped. Replaced it with a allen bolt and serrated nut. Re-install window and door assembly. When i moved the window down ,it won't come back . I can't push it back up by hand and I cant take it off the securing clips since i have...
  16. Dimitri16V

    PD replacement rocker bolts size

    any body knows the size of them ? Length , obviously allen bolts and thread pitch
  17. Dimitri16V

    Thinking of getting a Cruze diesel

    My 2004 has 326K miles and I will be getting rid of it soon I have a nice offer from GM card for $3000 off any GM model and thinking of rolling the dice on a Cruize diesel For the record, I never had anything than VWs before Any opinions ?
  18. Dimitri16V

    Underbody plastic plugs

    anybody sells those by a set for a MK4 ? I was under my Golf last night , those things are rotten out and falling off. There are 2 underneath the drivers/passengers floors and you you can see the sound deadening insulation
  19. Dimitri16V

    alarm issues after dead battery

    was gone for 3 weeks and battery died . Now , i can only unlock the drivers door and the trunk never locks. Locking the car remotely with the fab does not "chirp" anyway , the alarm is confused about my key ?
  20. Dimitri16V

    PD Timing belt near disaster

    Kit from 30K miles Italian made water pump by Saleri, epic fail. plastic impeller separated 1/2 year ago , shaft siezed last week causing T-belt to hop over sprocket. luckily, i turned engine off and towed the car home This past weekend , I looked at the near disaster . Engine...