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  1. meganuke

    FS: Ross-Tech MicroCAN cable for Mk5 cars

    I have an official Ross-Tech MicroCAN cable for all Mk5 cars for sale. It has only been used a handful of times. I upgraded my older cable which makes this one redundant in my toolbox. See this link for more info: It is currently selling for...
  2. meganuke

    WTB: DRW transmission

    Let me know what you have.
  3. meganuke

    Mini TB GTG - Highland, NY, Feb 9-10

    OK, my friend has graciously allowed me to use his garage for the weekend. I currently have three timing belts scheduled. I have 1 extra ALH tb kit available. If anyone needs a timing belt done and would like to have it done next weekend, please contact me asap so I can order additional kits if...
  4. meganuke

    FS: 4 steel wheels, 5X100, 2 Michelin tires

    I have 4 15" steel wheels for sale. Fits anything on an A4 chassis. $100/BO. Would prefer local sale, but will ship for whatever actual shipping cost is. I have two Michelin OEM MXV4 tires, 195/65R15. These were take-offs, so the actual mileage is unknown. They have a good amount of tread...
  5. meganuke

    Driving event results

    Some of you have better handwriting than others, so bear with me... :D Name- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Time (including penalties, 5 sec per cone) 1. Tyler Bradley - - - - - - - - - - - 1:06 2. Octavian V (doc_oc) - - - - - - -1:07 3. Lawson Earl (VeeDubTDI) - - - - 1:08 4. Mike Hillman...
  6. meganuke

    Plans for David_594's bus...

    Here you go...:D
  7. meganuke

    Aaack!! Who is getting their TB done this Saturday?

    I don't have your contact info. Please call or PM me ASAP. Thanks.
  8. meganuke

    Free: (2) 55 gallon barrels and (1) 30 gallon barrel

    The 55 gallon barrels had HHO in them, the 30 gallon was used for Jet A storage. Local pickup only, please. I won't ship.
  9. meganuke

    12 Hours of Sebring DVDs

    Missed the race? Ran out of VHS tapes? You're in luck! I have a maximum quality recording of all 10 hours broadcast. 6 DVDs, approximately 1 hour, 25 minutes on each. All commercials have been removed. NTSC and PAL versions are available. I will ship worldwide. Cost is $25 shipped...
  10. meganuke

    Pop up for user info

    I like how the first few lines of a post appear when you hold the mouse over the subject. Can that be done with the user's profile as well? If someone makes a post with a subject of "Help, stranded!", I could simply mouse over the name of the thread starter and see his/her profile including...
  11. meganuke

    GB Feeler: Webasto BlueHeat systems

    For those unfamiliar with BlueHeat, please check out the following links: This is a parking heater that runs off the car's fuel. It is far more efficient than idling the car and emits less...
  12. meganuke

    October 28 - Halloween GTG!!

    The TDI Tiki Lounge will be host to the first (that I know of) Halloween TDI party/GTG! This will be a similar set up as the Unbirthday GTG, but this time, you'll be in costume! Families welcome, bring a dish, etc. Standard GTG rules apply. If anyone is traveling a long distance, you are...
  13. meganuke

    Skidplate: 2, Me: 0

    I'm sure you'll all be kind and understanding of my pain...
  14. meganuke

    FS: 4 Goodyear Ultragrip HP on steelies

    Size: 195/65/15, tires are studded, only 2000 miles on them, mounted and balanced on steel 5X100 wheels. Would prefer to sell as a complete set. Tires are located in New Paltz, NY. Selling on behalf of a friend who sold his TDI. Asking $250/BO.
  15. meganuke

    Red Beetle, Holyoke MA

    Saw a red Beetle with a TDI badge under the VW emblem. Female driver, Borbet wheels (I think), took a Northhampton exit around 1:30 PM today. I honked and waved. Nice car!
  16. meganuke

    Mrs. Nuke's Unbirthday GTG!!!

    In Alice in Wonderland tradition, we're having an unbirthday party for my wife, Angelica, who should be nominated for sainthood for putting up with me. This will happen rain or shine. We recently put up a gazebo on the back deck, complete with a tiki bar! We also have regulation horseshoe pits...
  17. meganuke

    Help: Alarm keeps going off after short delay

    I spent the last few hours searching for possible causes for this, but haven't come across anyone with the same symptoms. The car is a 2003 Passat sedan 1.8T (Mom's). When you park the car, get out, press the lock button on the fob, the doors lock and the horn beeps telling me the alarm is...
  18. meganuke

    24 Hours of LeMans coverage, 6 DVDs

    I have all 20 hours of Speed's coverage of the 2006 race. I have edited out the commercials. I know I can't profit from this, nor do I wish to, so all I'm asking for is enough to cover my expenses for the DVD discs, cases, and shipping. If you're interested send $10 via paypal to...
  19. meganuke

    24 Hours of LeMans video update

    Hi folks, For those of you that are patiently waiting for the DVDs, I wanted to let you know that the first disc is complete and burned. This covers the first 5 hours of coverage. I trimmed all the commercials (except for one Audi spot). I've been super busy this past week (had to move Mom...
  20. meganuke

    What chassis is the best candidate for TDI conversion?

    What Audi chassis mate up with the VW A4 chassis? Is the new Audi A3 based on the Golf V or the IV? I'm wondering if an Audi TT roadster would be a good candidate for a VE 1.9 TDI swap.