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  1. loganbmx4gt

    WTB: MK4 Black Interior Parts

    I’m looking for black interior parts for my 4 door Golf to switch out the tan with. I need door cards, glove box, etc. I put GLI Recaro seats in and it’s time to switch out the rest.
  2. loganbmx4gt

    Six Speed Swap Vendors?

    There any known vendors to purchase a complete auto to six speed swap from?
  3. loganbmx4gt

    What is this that oil is leaking from?

    Wondering what exactly this is and what the remedy to stop it is?
  4. loganbmx4gt

    WTB: ALH EGR Valve or EGR Delete Kit

    I have an EGR valve leaking and would like to replace it or just get rid of it all together, for off road purposes of course. Thank you.
  5. loganbmx4gt

    WTB - MK4 Golf Dimmer Switch

    As the title says I am looking for another switch. Pretty sure mine bit the dust last night. All the lights it controls will not glow now. Thank you.
  6. loganbmx4gt

    Where to buy conical lug bolts for aftermarket rims?

    Wondering where you guys are buying your conical seated lug bolts for aftermarket rims. Thanks in advance.
  7. loganbmx4gt

    Memphis, TN to Las Vegas, NV. Leave 05/26/2016

    I'm leaving for Las Vegas on Thursday the 26th. I don't have to be in Vegas until 8am the 29th so I'm looking for some good camping spots to stay at for my trip out there. On the way back I wouldn't mind doing some mountain biking and camping since I can take my time getting back. Thank you all...
  8. loganbmx4gt

    New Turbo Replacement and this...

    After a new turbo replacement on my friends car, 2005.5 Jetta, it was in a limp mode(ish) state. It would barely do 20 mph and smoked horribly. I deleted all the codes from each controller and it gained life back. It's wanting to shift at really high rpm's (4000) now. I am copying the auto scan...
  9. loganbmx4gt

    Want To Rent Vagtacho

    Wanting to rent Vagtacho to program a new key I had made. I'm not wanting to hold up $500 in a deposit so I'm trying here. I'll even consider buying if the price is right. Thank you.
  10. loganbmx4gt

    WTB: Malone Flashzilla

    Looking to buy a Flashzilla. Thanks.
  11. loganbmx4gt

    B4 Malone Stage 2 Chips for Sale $275

    I have a stage 2 tune that I bought from AARodriguez,, that has dynamic EGR & Idle. I'm looking to recoup some of my money to put toward a tune for my Golf. I'm wanting $275 shipped. Thank you.
  12. loganbmx4gt

    WTB: Mk4 Golf Panzer Skid Plate & FMJ Side Skirt.

    Looking for the full panzer skid plate with side skirt for my 2002 Golf. Thank you.
  13. loganbmx4gt

    Tennessee VolksFest in Nashville

    Just was wondering if anybody else was going to attend VolksFest in Nashville?
  14. loganbmx4gt

    Tennessee VolksFest in Nashville

    Just was wondering if anybody else was going to attend VolksFest in Nashville?
  15. loganbmx4gt

    Anyone attending Tennessee VolksFest in Nashville?

    Just was wondering if anybody else was going to attend VolksFest in Nashville?
  16. loganbmx4gt

    B4 Brake Pressure Regulator Adjustment Help

    Changing out the rear calipers on my B4 and I notice it appears they haven't been working, the fronts are.. I start looking thru the Bentley manual and it tells me to tension the spring then press the pedals and read off figures and if necessary, readjust. Well I don't have a pressure gauge. Can...
  17. loganbmx4gt

    WTB: Metalnerd Brake Reset Tool

    Looking to buy this tool for my break job i need to do. Thank you.
  18. loganbmx4gt

    WTB: B4 dome light/sunroof switch holder

    Looking for this part here. The clips broke on mine and it won't stay up.
  19. loganbmx4gt

    Replacement sunroof seal?

    Is there a vendor I can purchase a new sunroof seal from?
  20. loganbmx4gt

    Lemforder Audi TT Control Arm Bushings $20 shipped

    Extra set of bushings that were never used. $20 shipped in the USA.