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  1. Hwycruiser

    Door lock problem replaced door lock module still no fix

    I had the same problem when I replaced mine with a cheap eBay unit. They look good and don't know why they go to the trouble of making a unit with bad electronics. I had to replace my cheap eBay knock off with an OEM and then all was good. I have also bought the unit IDParts sells that is OEM...
  2. Hwycruiser

    Exhaust leak, Limp mode, Low boost code, upgrade plans - total noob

    I had a similar problem once and it was the MAF sensor. I would replace that first before tearing into the other things you are mentioning. It is a very easy job to replace the MAF and they are not too expensive. At your mileage it would make sense to have a fresh MAF unit...
  3. Hwycruiser

    Turn indicator issues

    Took a highway trip last weekend and with a lot of traffic was changing lanes frequently. I am one to use my turn indicator (half way) to indicate a lane change and I experienced my turn indicator sound continue to click after the lever was return to the off position. I also experience a short...
  4. Hwycruiser

    Suspension refresh review

    I have seen a lot of posts asking for opinions before struts/shocks etc are replaced but most times never hear an update. So I thought I would share my story. Last year around Nov/Dec (about 12k miles ago) at considerable expense I did a complete refresh of my 02 Golf suspension. Replaced...
  5. Hwycruiser

    New bearing or steering knuckle?

    I have a bad front wheel bearing and also need suspension rebuilt. So I will be having a pro shop replace struts, etc. I have read that the front bearings can be difficult to replace. Would I save the labor cost by just getting new steering knuckles with the bearings already installed? If I have...
  6. Hwycruiser

    MPG - 2013 Passat TDI vs. 2017 Passat TSI

    For those who are interested I have tracked every fillup that I have made with my cars. It is a very accurate assessment of the real world difference between a diesel and gas car. The cars are almost identical because I turned in my TDI Passat and got a gasser in same model. The cars were driven...