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    How can I determine if my EGR valve is operating ?

    Hi, For some time now I have suspected that my EGR valve (a BEW engine) is not operating. This conclusion was reached by a persistent CEL P2196 (the air/fuel mixture is stuck rich). Initially I thought that something was wrong with the the valve, and installed a new one. This did not help...
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    Cannot find the location of an electrical connector designated as "T14C"

    Hi, I am trouble shooting a bad ground in the electrical connector that goes to the EGR valve on my BEW engine. Please see the Bentley manual, diagram No. 81/8. This shows a 6 pin connector for devices N18(the EGR valve motor), and G212(the EGR potentiometer). Before the signals get to the...
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    Persistant CEL: P2196, O2 sensor stuck/biased high (rich)

    High, I need help with my 2004 BEW engine (5 speed manual). 253,000 miles Changed the MAF sensor (Bosch 0 281 002 531) to cure a loss of speed going up a hill with the cruise control engaged. This problem was solved. The throttle response was definitely improved. The car felt good...