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    Changes for 2014 Passat TDI/DSG

    Have there been any changes to the 2014 Passat TDI/DSG that would reduce the hesitation that I experienced when I test drove a 2013?
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    2013 Golf TDI/DSG coolant level

    I recently purchased a 13 Golf TDI/DSG. I noticed that the coolant overflow bottle indicated that the level was on the bottom line when cold. I contacted the dealer and they suggested adding 8OZ of water. After reading the owner's manual, I added 8OZ of distilled water. Now the level is on the...
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    Hesitation of some TDI DSG VW vehicles

    I recently test drove the 2013 Passat, Jetta and Golf TDI/DSG. I noticed hesitation on the Passat and Jetta but not on the Golf. I later read automotive reviews of the three vehicles that noted the same hesitation that I did on my test drives. What is the difference between vehicles? Will that...
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    assembly point for JSW

    Is the JSW assembled in Germany or Mexico?
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    2013 jetta suspension

    I recently test drove a TDI/DSG Jetta. I did not care for the suspension, purchased a Golf instead. will the 2014 suspension be any different?
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    Golf Mk7

    Where will the 2014/15 Mk7 be assembled for the US market? How about the GTD? When are they expected to be available for sale? New to the Golf. Just got a 13 TDI/DSG two door, and wishing that I opted for the 4 door. Otherwise enjoying the VW engineering.
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    2014 Golf

    Will there be a 2014 Golf this year, or will it be delayed until the MK7 arrives?
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    2013 Golf AC output

    Has anyone else experienced weak AC output in the 2013 Golf diesel? Is there anything that the dealership might be able to do to improve it, or is it just the nature of the beast?
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    VW diesel observations

    Hi all, I purchased a 2012 Passat diesel with manual transmission in 2012. Nice car with lots of room. Averaged about 44 mpg overall. I did tend to stall it now and then when trying to make quick maneuvers, and my wife was unable to drive a stick. I decided to stop at a VW dealership and check...
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    2013 TDI SE manual available

    I ordered a 2013 TDI SE manual from Camelback VW in Phoenix. It has just arrived at the dealer. I cancelled the order about one month ago when I located a 2012 elsewhere. If anyboby is interested it is white with beige. Ask for AK.
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    disadvantage of buying a 2012

    What is the economic disadvantage, if any:confused: of buying a 2012 TDI SE as opposed to a 2013?
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    delivery method

    I just received my order commission number for end of September delivery of a 2013 TDI SD. I was told production 7/21 (the day I placed the order), inspection 7/25, :confused:port 8/24, carrier (train) 8/28, unload 9/10, delivery to Phoenix on 9/24. What combination of truck and rail moves the...
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    2013 SE audio head

    Which unit shoul I expect in my ordered 2013? Are there any problems with them?:confused:
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    Hankooks on 2013?

    Are the Hankook tires still used on the 2013 SE TDI?:confused:
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    2013 Passat TDI manual ordered today

    I ordered the car today. White with cornsilk interior. Agreed to a price of $25900 including the destination charge. No optional equipment. Easy process, no money required. The dealer said that they would have no trouble selling the car if I cancelled. Dealer confirmed that the dual zone AC is...