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  1. whalleyz

    (Free - Seattle, WA) 11 x bottles of lubricity additive

    SOLD 6/4 ------------------------- Free for local pickup in Seattle, 11 and 1/2 bottles of lubricity formula additive.
  2. whalleyz

    Shine rear sway bar - used - $359 + free shipping in USA

    5/11/2017 update: item sold -------------------------- Price reduced: $329.00 -------------------------- I bought the Shine rear sway bar from Kerma for my MKIV wagon, but then I sold the car before I could install the bar. It's like new, never been install, and includes 4 new bolts. Get a...
  3. whalleyz

    MK4 Front License Plate Options

    I live in a state that requires a front license plate so I'm looking into mounting options for MK4s. After a bit of research it seems like the options boil down to holes vs no holes. Are there any other options I haven't included below? Thanks! Holes Hole options affix the plate bracket to...
  4. whalleyz

    How do you carry your Stanadyne?

    I'm gonna try Stanadyne Lubricity formula for a few months and I ordered a box online. It arrived today and the bottles are 16oz. Since I only need 2oz per tank, I'm looking for ideas on how to pack it and use it without getting the whole car (or my hands) smelling like fuel additive. :) In...
  5. whalleyz

    VW TDI Search Engine

    I've been enjoying the community for a few years now but I've found the built-in forum search tools a bit unsatisfying. After reading the ump-teenth "do a search" reply today it seems like some of you may feel the same way so I decided to make a new Google-powered search tool I'm...
  6. whalleyz

    Finally found my 2003 Jetta Wagon

    After 7 years of loyal service, my 2002 Honda Civic Si was traded in yesterday for a 2003 Jetta Wagon TDI. I've been in research mode for the last few months and finally found a local (WA), 2003, one-owner, white, GL + options, 61,000 mile, TDI wagon that I just couldn't pass up. So, without...
  7. whalleyz

    05 Jetta TDI Auto Trans Problem

    Hi Gang, I'm a first time poster with a question I didn't see answered in the FAQ or elsewhere. I'm looking to buy a 2005 Jetta TDI Wagon with an auto trans and 180K miles. The car seems ok except for the transmission doesn't want to shift out of first gear until the car warms up to operating...